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Coronavirus & international travel: Is it worth It for students?

Coronavirus & international travel: Is it worth It for students?

Without a doubt, Coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown have greatly influenced all spheres of our lives from education to entertainment. But, one industry that was influenced the most is traveling.

In an attempt to stop the spreading of the deadly virus, most countries have locked their borders and announced strict lockdown terms. However, now, when we start recovering, traveling is getting accessible again, though not without certain complications.

So, is it now worth it to go abroad, especially if you are a student? In this article, we are going to assess the biggest challenges and benefits to find the answer. Let’s dive in!

The Challenges of International Travel for Students
To understand whether it is worth it or not, it is important to understand what are the biggest hurdles student tourists may face today.

Let’s look at the six biggest challenges you have to be prepared to:

Combining Studying and Traveling
First and foremost, it’s worth saying that the biggest challenge facing students during their tours abroad is the need to somehow combine it with their academic matters. This issue has been there long before Coronavirus and will likely stay for years ahead.

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Probably one of the first things that should pop up in your mind when thinking about going abroad after the pandemic is whether it is even safe to do so. Of course, the governments of most countries encourage their citizens to leave their traveling plans for when it is completely safe.

Is it really that unsafe? Well, it might be. However, it is also worth mentioning that the countries that are struggling with the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases are typically closed for tourists. But, nevertheless, the risks are still there. So, the truth is that you do so at your own risk as it is impossible to predict whether you will be completely safe visiting a different country.

Limited Destinations
Another big challenge implied by the virus is the lack of options you now have for your getaways. While the world is still trying to recover after the peak of the pandemic, not all countries are ready to welcome tourists yet. That is, the number of destinations that are open right now is significantly lower compared to what we all have been used to.

The good news though is that many countries are gradually easing their restrictions. And, nevertheless, if your options are still limited, it might be as well a great chance to discover locations that you never even thought about.

Tests and Masks
Another unpleasant result of the global pandemic is the necessity to do tests before and after your travels, and the need to wear a mask literally everywhere you go. This can’t really be called a major drawback. After all, neither doing tests nor wearing masks can spoil your vacation. But, it can sure feel very unpleasant.

Depending on the destination you are traveling to, there is one more issue you may face - it is the necessity to go through it a 14-day self-isolation. The rules to self-isolation from one country to another, so this is definitely something you want to clarify before going abroad.

It is important to remember that a long self-isolation can affect your personal plans and, in some cases, may even have a negative impact on your budget. However, if you are prepared for it, you should do just fine.

Finally, the last and probably the most significant challenge of international travel for students is the cost. There is no need to sugarcoat it - traveling has always been rather expensive. So, even if we wouldn’t have Coronavirus, it would still remain one of the major challenges for students.

As for the cost after the pandemic, it didn’t change as much as you could imagine. Even now, when more and more destinations open to us, the cost of flights, accommodation and other related things remain pretty much the same as it used to be. Moreover, to attract tourists, many companies even offer discounts, which is definitely a good thing.

The Benefits of International Travel for Students
Although there are quite many hurdles, the benefits are also huge.

First of all, going on a trip after nearly two years of lockdowns and restrictions will sure feel like a breath of fresh air. Besides, given all the complications and limitations that are still there, the number of tourists even in the most popular locations is now significantly lower than ever. That is, now, you have a chance to visit your dream destinations without crowds of other tourists.

In addition to that, there are also many other benefits of international travel. To name a few, it helps you learn and discover new cultures. It also lets you make lots of new friends and have many great memories. And one more benefit that is believed to be especially important for young people is that going abroad actually enables you to get out of your comfort zone, which will have a positive effect on your personality, helping you grow, develop, and expand your horizons.

These by far are not all benefits waiting for you out there. Not without a reason traveling has been always considered to be vital for young people. So, if you look at it from this perspective, it becomes clear that it is well worth it, even despite all the hurdles.

Final Words
So, is it still worth it to travel overseas with all the issues and challenges implied by Covid-19?

Eventually, it all gets down to how you personally feel about it. To be frank, there are plenty of issues you might face if you go overseas. But, at the same time, there are also many big benefits that seem to overshadow all the drawbacks. So, the choice is yours!