SAS launches new onboard Wi-Fi services

SAS launches new onboard Wi-Fi services

SAS is launching the first version of its new Wi-Fi start page.

Its content has been adapted to its customers, offering free services and entertainment.

SAS has decided to work with well-known partners, including Dagens Nyheter, Dagens Næringsliv and International Herald Tribune.

Its customers will also be able to listen to Sweden’s most popular podcast, Alex & Sigges, featuring Swedish celebrities Alex Schulman & Sigge Eklund.

In, adittion, the customers will have free access to the SAS website, travel tips, its crowdsourcing platform `My SAS Idea’ and the EuroBonus shop.

If they want, they can also purchase unrestricted internet access.

SAS customers travelling in Economy Extra or Business, and EuroBonus Gold Members will continue to enjoy a free Internet connection.

SAS will continue to work with its customers through the crowdsourcing platform `My SAS Idea’ to develop the content in this service.

They are encouraged to give feedback and submit their own suggestions for future onboard services and content.

“What we are presenting today is the first step towards our future vision for SAS WiFi.

“In the future it will contain customised and individualised entertainment through music, films, games, shopping and other features that our customers enjoy. Via `My SAS Idea’, we get ideas from our customers, who can contribute to our efforts to develop our future onboard services.

“By doing this we can ensure that our content is fully adapted to our customers and is innovative at the same time,” said Philip Wågnert, head of product development for SAS.

At the end of January all SAS aircraft that are equipped with Wi-Fi will be able to offer free onboard services and entertainment.