Ryanair launches connecting flights from Milan Bergamo

Ryanair launches connecting flights from Milan Bergamo

Ryanair has launched its connecting flights service at Milan Bergamo Airport, providing customers with an expanded route choice, and the opportunity to book and transfer directly onto connecting flights.

Following the successful launch of connecting flights at Rome Fiumicino passengers will be able to book connecting flights on the first 25 (of up to 300 new routes) via Milan Bergamo from July 3rd.

Passengers will be able to transfer ‘airside’ between connecting flights without having to go ‘landside’ to destinations including Athens, Barcelona, Bari, Brindisi, Cagliari, Catania, Corfu, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Lamezia, Madrid, Malaga, Malta, Naples, Palermo, Pescara, Trapani, Valencia and Zaragoza.

In Milan Bergamo, Ryanair chief commercial officer, David O’Brien, said: “Ryanair is pleased to extend our connecting flights service to Milan Bergamo Airport from July, allowing customers to book connecting Ryanair flights on the lowest fares at our largest Italian base.

“Ryanair.com also sells 20 long haul Air Europa routes to North and South America.”


Ryanair is also continuing discussions with Aer Lingus and Norwegian – and other potential partners – with a view to launching connections with them later this year.

SACBO director general, Emilio Bellingardi, said: “Ryanair’s launch of connecting flights at our airport is a further step in the development process implemented by the airline in its main Italian and southern European base, which is therefore becoming the most important hub in Europe in terms of connections.

“The 15-year-old partnership is successful both on the operational aspect and on the destination offer and flight punctuality, and finds an adequate response from the airport infrastructure, designed to provide even more comprehensive services and better face the needs of passengers.”