New social travel website secures masive hotel and airline contracts

New social travel website secures masive hotel and airline contracts

Founder and Ceo Wesley Baker announced that, the Internet’s newest up and coming travel website, has secured commitments from over 245,000 hotels and 900 airlines to offer incredible rates on worldwide destinations.

Baker reports that Tripbnb has been working towards building inventory since July 2012 before going live to the public at large.

“We have been in beta mode growing our list of accommodations.  After considerable efforts invested by our team we have signed contracts with a number of large travel providers for what translates into over 70 million beds a night,” he said.

Baker says this will allow Tripbnb access to rates that will make Tripbnb a major competitor to established sites like but with the added bonus of its unique lifestyle and social media attraction.

Investor Capital Required for Stage 2


Now that has an enviable inventory, attractive to travelers and competitive to other travel websites, Baker says the next step is to attract more investor capital.

“To date all of our resources have been invested into building a state of the art website and searching for accommodations and travel service inventory.  Now that we have this foundation, we need to secure our second stage of business growth,” said Baker.

“Like any new tourism commodity business, in order to gain awareness for our website and concept, we need to have people working on search engine optimization, social networking and communications at all times. In order to keep the business model operating at full capacity, we have to invest in continual manpower and technology improvements.”

Baker says that marketing and technical support will be the company’s priorities once the second stage of investment has been obtained.