Moscow Domodedovo Airport outlines passenger terminal expansion plans

Moscow Domodedovo Airport outlines passenger terminal expansion plans

Moscow Domodedovo Airport has concluded a contract for construction of a second segment of its passenger terminal, with a deadline is December 2016.

Upon completion of the works the airport complex area will be broadened nearly double by 235,000 square meters and, taking into account the ongoing project aimed at expanding the first segment of the passenger terminal, will make up to 500,000 square meters.

The project for expanding the passenger terminal area of Moscow Domodedovo Airport is being implemented taking into account the existing architectural concept of the terminal, which is designed on the principle ‘under one roof’: a single terminal allows to make the best use of transfer opportunities of the airport complex.

New terminal facilities will be put into operation in the eastern part of the passenger terminal. 

This project opens up new service opportunities for guests of the air hub.

The new segment of the Moscow Domodedovo Airport passenger terminal will include about 100 check-in counters and more than 40 self-service check-in kiosks.

It is also planned to furnish the facility with additional aircraft parking stands meant for boarding bridges, including for passenger superliners such as Airbus 380.

Moscow Domodedovo Airport passenger terminal is the largest facility in Russia made with glass on polygonal (many-sided) structure: the facade of the building is an expressive aesthetic solution followed in the new segment of the terminal.

The architectural look of the passenger terminal, familiar to millions of travellers around the world, takes on new features.

One of such specific features will be an atrium in the controlled area: a round part of the gallery with a glass dome with business lounges, different cafes, bars, restaurants and duty-free shops along the perimeter.

Engineering systems of the new segment of the Moscow Domodedovo Airport passenger terminal were designed in line with global trends.

Advanced technologies and state-of-the-art IT-solutions will ensure regular functioning of the most important elements of technological process at the air hub.

The project provides for creation of a fully automated control units for utility infrastructure management.

A new segment of the airport complex is designed to serve international passengers: developed architectural and planning solutions, taking into account the two-level technology principle, are in line with the current concept of Moscow Domodedovo Airport terminal operations.

This approach allows to avoid confluence of passenger flows, arriving and departing travellers: entrances are located at different levels of the terminal building, which is also taken into account in the road infrastructure development project being a part of increasing the terminal capacity. 

Currently, Moscow Domodedovo Airport is the largest air hub in Russia and Eastern Europe in terms of passenger traffic.