Hyatt Hotels brings Hyatt Centric to market for modern explorers

Hyatt Hotels Corporation has introduced Hyatt Centric, a new, full service lifestyle brand designed for business and leisure travellers.

The launch marks the sixth brand Hyatt has introduced since 2006, and offers Hyatt the opportunity to again set the standard by using its distinctive approach to empathetic engagement with guests leading to innovation.

The Hyatt Centric name was inspired by the brand’s mission of putting its guest at the centre of the action in the best destinations.

True to its promise, more than 15 Hyatt Centric locations, comprised of open and previously announced hotels, will debut this summer in the heart of some of the world’s most popular cities, including New York, Paris, Atlanta, Chicago and Miami.

“From listening to our guests, we learned there was an opportunity to better meet the needs of a large group of travellers that we call ‘Modern Explorers’.

“These travellers are looking for a cosmopolitan vibe in the centre of the action, so we worked to test various elements in real time, in real hotels over the past two years.

“Hyatt Centric is the culmination of that work,” said Mark Hoplamazian, president and chief executive officer, Hyatt.

“The new Hyatt Centric brand will further strengthen the overall Hyatt brand portfolio and expand our opportunities to work with world-class developers and operators.

“We are delighted to expand our offerings in the lifestyle segment and believe that the Hyatt Centric brand will be embraced by ‘Modern Explorers’ and redefine its category, just as all the brands we’ve introduced over the past eight years have succeeded in doing.”

Modern Explorers are a multigenerational group comprised of travellers who view their hotel as more than a place to stay.

Rather, their hotel is the hub of their experience, connecting them to unique experiences, the best of what the destination has to offer – experiences that lead to great stories.

“’Modern Explorers’ are truly a savvy, curious group.

“Their expectations are simple, but their standards are high and they want their experience to be intuitive and smart.

“They want options and all the must-haves from a full service hotel but without any fuss or complications,” said Kristine Rose, vice president of brands, Hyatt.

“We believe Hyatt Centric hotels will deliver on our guests’ desire for experiential travel while inspiring them to go out and explore.

A focus on simplicity, thoughtfully crafted, Hyatt Centric hotels will provide a simple, welcoming environment that delivers the essentials in the easiest, most streamlined way possible.

For example, at Hyatt Centric hotels, room service will be offered as a knock n’ drop service, which will allow guests to enjoy gourmet food in their rooms without formal delivery.

Additionally, while each hotel will be custom designed to its market, the Hyatt Centric brand will be characterised by certain common elements, including spaces like The Corner, where guests can work, socialise and peruse a curated collection of local books and magazines, and a bar and restaurant area that will help foster great conversations and deliver thoughtful, locally inspired food and signature cocktails.