Travelocity`s Car Rental Shopping Engine Goes Into Overdrive

Travelocity has announced the introduction of redesigned car rental functionalities that feature several new money and time- saving enhancements.

Included among these are upgrades to Travelocity`s industry-first “total pricing” feature—which factors in additional taxes and fees to the original rate before the reservation is confirmed. New enhancements will make car rental comparison-shopping much easier; the total costs for car rentals are immediately available following an online query. Prior to this feature upgrade, total costs for car rentals were available only after a customer made a selection and began the purchasing process.

“With total pricing, we were very pleased to deliver an industry-first feature that resonated so soundly with consumers,” said Travelocity COO, Michelle Peluso. “The latest enhancements take ease of use and competitive pricing to a new level, and will further secure Travelocity as the consumer`s top spot for online rental car shopping.

“Travelocity drives technology around our customers` needs, supporting features and options that make travel shopping as easy and informative as possible,” Peluso continued. “We will continue to develop ways to improve the shopping experience and are very excited about this latest addition to our offerings.”
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