Pegasus Celebrates Commitment to Travel Agents

Pegasus Solutions
, Inc.  announced it has reached the milestone of 10 years dedicated to
assisting travel agencies worldwide with obtaining and managing their
hotel commissions, while streamlining the payment process for hotels.

(Caption: Jeff Bzdawka, senior vice president of Pegasus Financial

Created in 1992 from a meeting between 13 of the world`s major hotel
companies and leading travel agencies to address the heated issue of commission payments, Pegasus Commission Processing today counts the
majority of the world`s travel agencies and 35,000 hotel properties
among its subscribing members.  Pegasus Commission Processing was created by Dallas-based Pegasus Solutions, a leading provider
of hotel industry transaction processing and electronic commerce services.


According to Jeff Bzdawka, senior vice president of Pegasus Financial
Services, Pegasus Commission Processing`s continued worldwide growth is anchored in having identified a substantial industry need and in
delivering a compelling, technologically advanced, service-based solution.

“Ten years ago the topic of commissions was extremely sensitive among travel agents and hoteliers.  Travel agencies were unconvinced that
hotels were paying all commissions due, and hotels were spending too
much time and effort managing the intensive task of cutting thousands
of commission checks.  The lack of a simple and effective
industry-wide commission processing system often created turbulence on
both sides of the commission equation,” Bzdawka said. 


  “We are pleased to have contributed to the marked improvement in the
overall commission environment within the industry today and look
forward to continuing our commitment to helping travel suppliers and
travel agencies maintain healthy and strong financial relationships.”

A recent survey of select top Pegasus travel agency customers revealed
that on a scale of one (1) to five (5), with five (5) being excellent,
the majority of respondents ranked Pegasus Commission Processing as a
four (4) in terms of overall value of the commission management service.  Reinforcing travel agents` increased interest in reliable
commission and reservations data, several respondents ranked the value of the data/reporting provided by Pegasus Commission Processing as a five (5) and expressed an interest in expanding Pegasus Commission
Processing to include commission payments from suppliers other
than hotels.

Bzdawka continued, “Most travel agencies realize marked growth in commission revenue as a result of enrolling in Pegasus Commission Processing, and hard costs associated with traditional commission
collection/deposit methods are significantly reduced.  Add the ability
to capture consumed travel information, and you can see that it`s our
proven value that has made Pegasus Commission Processing the primary commission management solution used by travel agencies today.  We are
exploring new ways to expand our services in order to better assist
travel agencies in managing all of their commission revenues and
supplier relations information.”

Commenting on the Pegasus Commission Processing service, Jane Welsh,
vice president of travel for AAA Minnesota/Iowa, a $140 million travel
agency that was one of the first subscribers of Pegasus` commission
program, said, “Pegasus` commission management service is an integral
part of our operations.  We have seen a substantial increase in the
receipt of earned hotel commissions since joining the program, and our
managers have complete confidence in Pegasus` ability to efficiently
service this critical component of our business.”

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