iJET Offers Content and Service Syndication

Travel Intelligenceå®, the travel
risk management company, announced today a flexible syndication service
providing targeted access to iJET`s travel risk management content and
This access is offered through a specialized Application
Programming Interface (API) which enables companies to integrate
continuously updated Worldcue® Travel Intelligence content into their own
applications, Web sites, corporate intranets and information services.
Examples of content and services that can be integrated into applications
include constantly updated destination intelligence for 180 countries and
286 cities, real-time travel alerts and advisories, itinerary-specific
reports, comprehensive travel advice and “pushed” alerts for travelers. A
company`s proprietary information can also be integrated into the
intelligence provided to travelers. Among other options, iJET provides fully
rendered HTML suitable for immediate placement in the customer`s screen
layout with virtually no Web programming effort. To support sophisticated
Web-based applications, the syndicating company can utilize the XML format
to maintain complete control of the “look and feel” of the intelligence.

“iJET has been providing content syndication to numerous companies including
GetThere and Orbitz,” said Bruce McIndoe
, CEO of iJET. “Our new syndication
service, however, provides companies with greater selection, simplicity and
flexibility in offering the content that makes sense for their specific
needs. This is vital and current information made available on a
cost-effective basis.” 

Presenting Travel Intelligence information contextually within an
application is very powerful and eliminates the need to provide Web site
links requiring users to spend time looking for information. Applications
for this intelligence include on-line travel sites, corporate aviation
systems, insurance and risk management applications, travel health sites,
GDS terminals and virtually any application that needs up-to-the-minute
information on a given destination.

GetThere, a Sabre Company, the leading provider of Web-based travel
reservation systems for corporations and suppliers, uses the iJET content
API to provide relevant intelligence to employees at corporate clients as
they book a trip.
“iJET`s real-time travel safety and security information
is highly useful to our customers,” said Jay GaBany, director of product
marketing at GetThere. “Clients only see information that pertains to their
trip and are frequently able to minimize disruptions by following iJET`s
“The Worldcue platform provides information in fully-rendered HTML, XML or
JavaScript for flexibility and complete control,” said Greg Meyer, CTO of
iJET. “Companies can now easily establish within a few days an automated
information query from their application or Web site to provide up-to-date,
personalized, high-value content for their customers.”
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