Delta AirElite Business Jets Addition

Delta AirElite Business Jets is adding a Gulfstream G100 aircraft as it continues to expand nationwide charter fleet capacity. The aircraft joins Delta AirElite through a charter management agreement and is based at the Lunken Airport in Cincinnati.

With charter availability on more than 300 business jets strategically positioned throughout the United States, Delta AirElite is adding aircraft through charter management agreements to help meet growing demand for exclusive charter service. The additional aircraft are also used to support member travel for the Delta AirElite Fleet Membership program. Charter management agreements allow Delta AirElite to increase aircraft availability without large capital commitments and to offer on-demand charter service with a broad base of high-quality corporate jets. The agreements also enable Delta AirElite to offer an attractive option for corporations and aircraft owners who want to lower aircraft ownership costs by having their corporate jets certified for Delta AirElite’s commercial charter operations.

“The G100 will offer our passengers tremendous speed, range and versatility, allowing them to reach a wide variety of destinations with the comfort and convenience of nonstop travel,” said Michael B. Green, president and chief executive officer of Delta AirElite Business Jets. “This aircraft adds to our midsize fleet of business jets, which has experienced tremendous growth and demand.”

The G100 is one of the best-performing midsize business jets built today. The aircraft offers remarkable short-field capabilities with seating for eight, speeds up to 535 mph and a 3,000-mile range.

Delta AirElite Business Jets, a wholly owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL), has more than 18 years of experience in offering superior levels of service and convenience to customers around the globe. Delta AirElite offers Global Charter Services, Aircraft Management Services and its innovative Fleet Membership Program. As part of Delta’s corporate structure, Delta AirElite Business Jets is able to leverage the buying power and expertise of a global leader in air transportation and customer service products.


Delta AirElite Business Jets is focused on safety, security, professionalism and exceptional customer service. Delta AirElite offers a diverse fleet of Bombardier Challenger, Learjet, Gulfstream and Cessna aircraft. For more information about Delta AirElite’s Global Charter Services, Aircraft Management Services or the Fleet Membership Program, please call 877-DAE-JETS (877-323-5387) or visit