Detention Centre Flaws Highlighted By Visitor

An American tourist visiting the Detention Centre has threatened to call Amnesty International regarding conditions at the Detention Centre in Nassau.
The New Yorker was turned away from visiting a friend, being detained at the Detention Centre, after waiting two hours in sweltering heat for the gates to open.
The tourist vistor apparently waited several hours to bring food to a detainee before being rudely informed that the gates would not be opened that day (Sunday). No explanation was given as to why the gates would not be opened.
The visitor said he was especially annoyed by the fact that the employees at the Detention Centre sat inside an air conditioned building, fully aware that there were people waiting outside in the hot sun, but chose not to inform the waiting people that the gates would not be opening.
The tourist was also concerned about conditions at the Detention Centre noting that he has heard the detainees are not adequately fed and that the water supply has deficencies. “Will these people go without eating until 1:00pm tomorrow?” he asked, concerned about their well being.