Czech Airlines Increase Flights to Russian Cities

Czech Airlines will commence scheduled flights between Prague and Novosibirsk in Central Russia and boost the number of its flights to other Russian cities.  Novosibirsk, the third largest city in the Russian Federation, will be connected to Prague twice a week.Czech Airlines will start operations on the new route on 28 April 2009, deploying its most modern Airbus A319 aircraft, which accommodates 135 passengers.

Russia is one of Czech Airlines’ most significant markets, proof of which is the increasing number of flights on many routes to the Russian Federation.  With the summer flight schedule, Czech Airlines beefed up flights to Yekaterinburg, where up to five weekly flights are available to passengers.  A greater number of flights is also available to passengers on the Rostov-on-Don route, which was launched last year: whereas last summer, the Airline offered one weekly flight on that route, this year, there will be as many as three connections.  Also the high number of connections from Prague to Moscow will be preserved, where passengers can fly with Czech Airlines 24 times a week, and to St. Petersburg, to which the Airline will offer four flights a week.  Passengers will also be able to take advantage of four direct weekly flights from Karlovy Vary (Carlsbad) to Moscow.  Also one direct flight from Karlovy Vary to St. Petersburg will be retained.  The Airline also offers four weekly flights on the Prague - Samara route.

The New Novosibirsk Route
Czech Airlines expects the new route to Novosibirsk to be preferred primarily by clients from the Russian Federation, both business passengers and tourists, on their travels to the Czech Republic.  The so-called local clientele, i.e., tourists who do not plan to transfer to connecting flights in Prague, but are only travelling to the Czech Republic or, on the other hand, to Novosibirsk, is expected to comprise up to 70 percent of all passengers.  With a transfer in Prague, however, the route will be useful for passengers from Russia flying onwards to anywhere in Western Europe, and, likewise, from Western Europe to Russia.  “Czech Airlines is the only carrier from Central Europe that offers flights from the Novosibirsk Airport,” said Vice President for Marketing and Product Development Petr Pi?tělák.