Savoy, Sharm El Sheik talks to Breaking Travel News

Sharm El Sheikh is located on the South Sinai Peninsula of Egypt. It is a magical place steeped in awesome natural beauty and ancient history.

Extensive mountain ranges, fringed by desert that ease into crystal-clear waters and stunning coral reef systems that have made it one of the worlds top diving hot spot for years.
Sharms popularity has spread from its origins of appealing solely to the diving fraternity through to the classic family holiday vacation and on
to the younger generation of clubbing holiday seekers which has lead to an influx of hotels and amenities springing up .

The Savoy, Sharm El Sheikh is one of those hotel erected in the last 10 years to cater to the rise of holiday makers demanding high quality luxury with affordability. Its is a family run hotel, although at first glance you wouldn’t realise it, giving it that personal touch often missing in large cooperate chains, yet every detail in this 480 room and 10super luxury villa hotel is impeccable.

A truly hassle free holiday that offers everything you need right on its doorstep.
BTN-How long has your spa been open?

SPA-The Spa has been open for 8 years. It opened the same time as the Savoy.

BTN-What was involved in designing it - and what were you hoping to create?

SPA-It is a setting that is a haven of tranquillity amidst lush tropical gardens, and caressed by gentle sea breezes, the Spa is a place where one can rejuvenate the body and spirit.

BTN-How many different treatment rooms are available in your facility?
SPA-There are four massage rooms two of them including facial machine.


BTN-Describe the typical experience at your spa.

SPA-We have very well organised management here at the spa with very friendly and attentive staff.
SPA-We take advantage of having staff from all over the world and utilise the collective knowledge by bringing massages from all over the world into the spa.

All our products used for treatments are top quality high end.
BTN-What types of treatments do you offer?
SPA-We have a fitness centre as well as sauna, steam Jacuzzi
We offer different kind of massage, scrubs, packages as well as treatments using traditional Egyptian products which incorporate natural herbs and special oils - beauty secrets which Egyptian women have cherished since the times of Cleopatra.

BTN-And what different types of massage?
SPA-We have a number of different types of massage, we take pride in having masseurs from all over the world. Some of our most popular include the anti stress massage, the anti cellulite massage , the aromatherapy massage, Swedish, Thai and of course the Egyptian

BTN-Have you had any celebrities or VIPs?
SPA-All the VIPs guests and celebrities were visiting the hotel in last eight years, they getting different treatments at the spa.

BTN-Describe the atmosphere during those times?

SPA-Our spa is a place of calm and pampering whoever you are we treat everybody as VIPS.

BTN-What facial treatments do you offer?
SPA-We offer a deep cleaning for the face with facial machine, face mask with Cleopatra product and face massage.

BTN-What are your most popular treatments?
SPA-All the treatments are requested especially Egyptian massage and Cleopatra package.

BTN-What is your client capacity for a full day?
SPA-The client capacity more than one hundred

BTN-What gives you an edge over the competition?

SPA-We pride ourselves on not only having a highly quality standard of service but also on having a large variety of massage treatments and multinational professional masseurs.

The spa fitness room is ideally located over looking to the hotel main swimming pool making it the perfect place to work out and we have warm welcoming atmosphere that brings people back again and again

BTN-What are your plans for the future?

SPA-We will continue giving high class service to all our guests, whilst listening to the there needs and treating everyone as an individual. In this way we can only get better and better and keep us as the preferred place for people to come and rejuvenate.