Ryanair rejects Committee hearing

Ryanair have firmly rejected the offer to appear before an inquiry into whether taking a flight is becoming a less pleasant experience.Other airlines have appeared before the committee but Ryanair released the following statement:

Ryanair today confirmed that it had far better things to do than waste time at a House of Commons Committee which is itself wasting time talking about passengers’ attitudes to air travel at a time when Gordon Brown is busy stealing an additional £1bn from UK passengers / visitors this year.

If this Committee wants to do something useful for passengers then it should immediately investigate Greedy Gordon’s doubling of UK APD under the false pretence of doing something for the environment. Ryanair would be happy to attend any such investigation.

In the mean time Ryanair will spend its time more usefully delivering Britain’s lowest fares with its 1million free seat sale. Passengers only have to pay Greedy Gordon Brown’s £10 APD tax rip off.