Lufthansa miles back charity projects

Members of Lufthansa’s frequent flyer programme Miles & More
will soon be able to donate award miles to a number of aid projects.Three aid
organisations whose mission is to build a brighter future for people in need and our
planet have been selected to receive mileage donations: HelpAlliance, Living Lakes
and SOS Children’s Villages. “We are very pleased to launch the new “Miles to Help”
programme in response to the many Miles & More members who have expressed a wish to
also donate their miles to charitable causes,” says Thierry Antinori, Executive Vice
President Marketing & Sales, Lufthansa German Airlines. “Lufthansa has worked
closely with HelpAlliance and Living Lakes for several years. The projects supported
by our staff worldwide are as close to our hearts as the issue of environmental
protection, which is the focus of Living Lakes,” Antinori explains. “We are also
pursuing the partnership with SOS Children’s Villages which our partner Swiss has
successfully supported for a number of years.”

HelpAlliance - Lufthanseats provide help where it is needed
In 1999 Lufthansa staff founded the charitable organisation “HelpAlliance” to
provide direct assistance for people in urgent need. Current projects include
setting up and operating orphanages, training facilities and bush hospitals and
looking after street children. All the initiatives are supported by Lufthansa staff
personally, on a voluntary basis. With a donation of 10,000 miles, Miles & More
members can enable a child in India to attend school for one year. A donation of
20,000 miles pays the monthly salary of a nurse in East Africa, while 40,000 miles
covers the cost of looking after a child in Ethiopia for three months.

Living Lakes - for a green planet
Since 1998 Living Lakes, the international network launched by the Global Nature
Fund, has been promoting the worldwide protection and rehabilitation of wetlands,
lakes and their surroundings. The aim of the environmental initiative, which is
represented on all continents, is to preserve the lakes, biotopes and drinking water
reservoirs on our planet for future generations. A donation of 10,000 miles enables
Living Lakes to buy and protect an area of 2,500 square metres in the world’s
largest wetland area, the Pantanal in Brazil. A gift of 10,000 miles covers the cost
of ringing a snow crane in China and thus helping to conserve this endangered
species. Within the “Trees for Life” project in South Africa, 10,000 miles is enough
to buy, plant and provide long-term care for five trees.

SOS Children’s Villages - Children are our future
SOS Children’s Villages is an independent, non-governmental organisation which was
set up in 1949 to promote social development and advocate for children’s needs,
concerns and rights. Its activities focus on neglected and abandoned children and
orphans, as well as on disadvantaged families. Today, SOS Children’s Villages
provides homes and youth facilities for more than 60,000 children and young people
in 132 countries and territories worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of people benefit
from the SOS teaching, social and medical programmes as well as from emergency
campaigns. A donation of 10,000 miles helps to fund family support programmes run by
SOS social centres and enables a child in Latin America to stay with its own family
for one month. A gift of 20,000 miles is enough to pay for a young person in Africa
to attend an institute of further education or a vocational school for two months,
while donating 40,000 miles provides full support - schooling, medical care and
lodging - for an orphan in Asia for one month.