Royal Jordanian unveils new look

Royal Jordanian launched an extensive campaign to unveil the new services and amenities the aircraft that recently joined the RJ fleet offers. The move also reflects the airline’s endeavor to upgrade all air and ground services offered passengers.

Vice President/Marketing, Sales and Services Hussein Dabbas said that the overall improvement of the company services is part of an ongoing product-revamp campaign that started at the end of 2005 when it started new onboard services across Crown and Economy Classes.

Dabbas added that the new campaign, under the title “Change is in the air”, should be an invitation to RJ passengers to enjoy flying RJ in the newly decorated Crown cabin. Amongst other amenities are plush grey leather seats, an extensive choice of entertainment on each passenger’s personal screen, as well as world-class cuisine that is bound to please every taste.

Dabbas pointed out that the Economy Class has also undergone various changes similar to those in Crown Class. Passengers will enjoy not only the new comfortable velvety cloth seats but also the biggest legroom in the region due to the removal of seats - all aimed at offering maximum relaxation on board Royal Jordanian all along the journey.

“The campaign includes a television/cinema commercial. We wanted to create a way to show off the new interior without being boring. In order to keep the interest of the viewer, we developed an icon: a clear bubble that floats through the plane highlighting all the changes like a personal tour guide. Mixed with a stylish opera soundtrack, the bubble first leads the passengers through Crown Class, pulling out the screen, floating over the control panel and turning it on, then bouncing over the headrest as it recedes. From here it glides through the curtain into Economy Class and its extra features, including the individually controlled personal screen.


Dabbas added that the airline looked at other ways to communicate the new message, through newspapers and magazines.

‘Here we wanted to get the biggest impact we could. So we created a double gatefold: an eight-page spectacular insert that would be the same size as a newspaper, never seen before in Jordan. This will also be carried into magazines and outdoor posters, featuring the original bubble that underscores the changes at the company,” said Dabbas.

Advertising is not the only area of change, he added. “We are planning on being different in many other areas as well: at the airport and in passenger halls and at RJ’s reservation and sales offices throughout Jordan and the world.”

The most significant change, said Dabbas, are the services and the approach when dealing with passengers. ‘We aim to be the most professional, helpful, progressive and cutting-edge airline in the world. Much work is being done toward improving and upgrading our customer service and relations - all aimed at establishing a regional and global leadership position for Royal Jordanian.’