Hyatt opens 24/7 gyms in America

Hyatt has opened its [email protected] 24/7 gyms. Guests at properties across North America and the Caribbean are now able to access the gyms, which feature state-of-the-art Life Fitness equipment, 24 hours a day, seven days aweek.To celebrate the launch, celebrity fitness expert Gunnar Petersonhosted Hyatt’s “Escape the Rat Race” Stay Fit 24/7 Challenge and shared tips on how business travelers can maintain their workout regimes while onthe road. The challenge kicked off with a tag-team fitness obstacle courseat New York’s South Street Seaport.

“My clients are always traveling and have demanding schedules, so my goalis to offer fitness strategies they can employ no matter where they are orwhen they find time to exercise,” says Gunnar Peterson, whose clienteleincludes Jennifer Lopez, Penelope Cruz, Ben Affleck and Debra Messing.

“It’s common for my clients to be working out late at night or beforesunrise when on set, which is similar to what other business travelersencounter when traveling across time zones or after a long day of meetings.That’s why the convenience of 24/7 facilities like [email protected] gyms areideal.”

Gunnar Peterson is the expert when it comes to knowing the workoutchallenge woes that his clientele face while they’re on the road forbusiness and/or on the set.

In fact, nearly one-half of travelers polledby USA Today felt that they were in worse shape because they lack the timeor the means to exercise properly during travel. However, it is possibleto keep in shape while traveling with Gunnar’s simple travel fitness tips:


1. Schedule Your “Fitness Meeting”: Maintain your wellness routineswhen on the road by planning ahead and scheduling workout times as youwould a business meeting. If it’s in your PDA calendar, you’ll be moreinclined to find the time for the gym. Be sure to plan ahead and askabout your hotel’s fitness and dining offerings, and pack your exerciseclothes.

2. Find Your Rhythm: Got jet lag? Research has shown that exercisehelps to reset circadian rhythms and is one behavior to help yourinternal clock get back in sync. And when done earlier in the day,exercise can even help you sleep better at night.

3. The Time Zone Challenge: Business travelers’ workouts often suffer from the impact of crossing different time zones as that can changetheir usual exercise schedules. If you’re not used to exercising earlyin the morning or late in the evening, try to stick as close to yournormal exercise schedule as you can, even if it means reducing theintensity of the workout because you have to be able to meet your workcommitments. Also, the benefit of staying at a hotel with a 24-hourgym, like Hyatt’s [email protected] 24/7 gym, is that it allows you the flexibility of working out whenever you need to.

4. Take 30: Make a deal with yourself to go to the gym for at least 30minutes. Chances are, after 30 minutes, you’ll feel better and staylonger… especially if you know you’re exercising off that clientdinner you just consumed.

5. Keep It Safe: Another advantage of a 24-hour hotel gym is the safetyand convenience when in an unfamiliar city. Runners can log theirmiles indoors on the treadmill in a climate-controlled, secureenvironment, especially if you want to run in the dawn or dusk hours.If you are more familiar with the neighborhood, but may need a littleassistance, [email protected] gyms provide GPS-tracking that not onlymonitors your heart rate, but also helps guides you back to the hotelto avoid getting lost.

6. Exercise Experimentation: If you don’t have a gym membership athome, take advantage of your hotel gym facility and experiment with newroutines that you would not get to do otherwise. You may even adopt anew love for fitness!

7. If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em: Consider moving your businessmeeting into the gym! There’s a growing trend of business meetings atthe gym, so why not kill two birds with one stone? It’s the healthierversion of the business meal or cocktails. Hey, it’s just an idea!

8. Make sure you hydrate: You’re losing water while you read this! Toget the most out of your workout and the most out of your business, Iwant you to think about keeping your tank on full.

The “Escape the Rat Race” competition was modeled after obstacles businessprofessionals can encounter while traveling. Each team went through aseries of travel fitness scenarios as they raced against the clock to becrowned “the most fit business travelers.” Scenarios included: sprintingthrough the airport when their departure gate has been changed, crunches tokeep their waistline slim after an over-indulgent client dinner andclimbing the stairs when the elevator is out and the meeting is on thetenth floor. The winning participants each received a $1,000 Hyatt giftcard, and all competitors received Samsonite black label Pro-DLX businessessentials travel bags.

“At Hyatt, we understand the stress of business travel and the importanceof upholding one’s daily routine even when away from home,” says GordonTareta, assistant vice president of spas for Hyatt Hotels & Resorts. “Now,with 24/7 [email protected] gyms, no matter what time guests arrive at theirhotel, they can still enjoy the great workout they have at home and haveaccess to state-of-the-art Life Fitness equipment anytime, any day.”

Hyatt has also been nominated at this year’s World Travel Awards in the category of World’s Leading Hotel Brand.