Tourisme Montreal selects

Tourisme Montréal is pleased to announce that it has awarded Québec IT firm the contract to revamp its information management system. The decision follows a call for tenders Tourisme Montréal issued this past March 15 to analyze its promotional needs and furnish the company with a more streamlined information management system which includes, in particular, the redesign of its Web site.

Tourisme Montréal’s partnership with will allow it to simplify the internal and external processes for revision, approvals and release of information. Content will not only be easier to share, but will be more compatible with other systems such as Palm Pilot and cellular telephones, among many others. will be able to respond to the needs of Tourisme Montréal’s diverse clientele and, particularly, its members and partners.

Tourisme Montréal is seeking a flexible and dynamic system that will allow it to remain competitive in a world industry where new technologies largely contribute to attaining financial objectives and achieving international recognition.

“ stood out from its competitors not only because of its dynamic approach and proven experience, but also because it demonstrated sound knowledge of information management solutions,” says Charles Lapointe, President and CEO of Tourisme Montréal. “Our association with this reputed company, whose expertise has earned it Gold Certified Partner status with Microsoft, will allow us not only to achieve but surpass our objectives, which are to provide both leisure and business travellers with the very best possible Montréal experience. It will also help us to better serve and promote the services of our 800 members and partners,” adds Mr. Lapointe.’s proposal, which was retained from among four company presentations, showed a thorough understanding of Tourisme Montréal’s needs and proposed solutions tailored to the organization’s many stakeholders. The company will begin by replacing the management module currently used by Tourisme Montréal and implementing integrated tools that meet the evolving needs of the organization, its members and partners as well as the international media and tourism or business clients.


Awarding this contract to reflects Tourisme Montréal’s goal to position itself as a forward-thinking company and falls within the organization’s strategic objectives for 2005-2010, which places significant importance on the implementation and use of new technologies.

Tourisme Montréal is responsible for providing leadership in the concerted efforts of hospitality and promotion in order to position the destination on leisure and business travel markets. It is also responsible for developing Montréal’s tourism product in accordance with the ever-changing conditions of the market.