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Gulf Air recruits more Sky Nannies

Due to increased passenger demand Gulf Air has trained a new group of flight attendants to become part of the world’s only in-flight sky nanny service, taking the airline’s Sky Nanny contingent to more than 200 by end of 2006. “Our Sky Nanny service has been embraced by our passengers since the day we launched it and our latest group of recruits means we now have 150 qualified sky nannies in service,” says Gulf Air, head of Inflight Services Michael Kent.

“The Sky Nanny programme is now a core component of our in-flight services which cater to the individual needs of all our customers, no matter how young or old they are.”

Gulf Air has seen an increase in demand for the in-flight service since launching the world’s first Sky Nanny on its London—Sydney route in November 2003.

Research conducted by Gulf Air to mark the launch of the Sky Nanny service revealed that air passengers find children more annoying than drunks, “arm rest huggers” and nosy neighbours.

More than 2,000 people were questioned in a UK survey on travelling by air with children and keeping children amused for both the sake of the parents and fellow passengers is a top priority.
The Gulf Air Sky Nanny service is available free of charge on all of Gulf Air’s long-haul routes.