Electronic Gem Therapy is Here

Electronic Gem Therapy is no longer the stuff of science fiction. It is based on ancient Ayurvedic wisdom, using precious stones and light to reach the cells of the body at a sub-atomic level.  The treatment is painless, without side effects and supported by many conclusive case studies. It is revolutionising the way illness is thought about, surprising the medical profession and offering hope from a thoroughly new angle.
“Stephen Hawking himself said that the future development of medicine lies with treatments based on light and colour” his predictions appear to be coming true.  So where did it all begin.
For over 5,000 years certain precious stones have been revered not only for their beauty and rarity but also for their medicinal qualities. Thousands of years ago Ayurvedic healers and shaman throughout India and Tibet prescribed large gemstones, worn close to the skin, to treat malady’s from chronic conditions to infection.
The quality of the sunlight passing through the stone would alter very specifically, and over time the patient’s system would resonate in sympathy with this new influence.  This would bring them back into balance and they would become well again. 
The Raj became famous for sporting huge beautiful rings on their fingers.  This was not only considered a sign of wealth, but also for enhancing good health.  Gems were even ground, fired and reground into a fine paste, before tiny amounts placed into medicines for those wealthy enough to afford such exotic remedies.  Historically, putting a particle of a diamond onto a dying mans tongue was even said to revive him. The diamond being the most powerful, and revered of all stones even to this day. 
The filtered energy of gemstones is subtle and would slowly take affect.  Today though, with modern technology the effects may be felt in minutes rather than weeks or months.  The ancient knowledge has helped to create one of the most powerful healing tools in decades. 
The Electronic Gem Therapy Machine is a grade II medical device that massively increases the healing energies of smaller, more available precious stones before delivering them to the body in twenty-minute treatments.  The lamps have a chamber, which holds the various combinations of stones that have been tailored to the individual’s condition.  These are then targeted towards the diseased or injured tissue, organs or glands.  Set to specific frequencies and voltages the equipment enables a far stronger photon cloud to emit from the gems, which increases the biological activity within the body by setting up sympathetic resonance, which the targeted organ responds to. This is believed to erase cellular memory at a subatomic level thus revitalising cells so they can carry out their function efficiently. 
The beauty of the stones is not just in their rarity or their healing qualities they also last for ever as usage has no diminishing effect.  Different stones have different qualities.  Emeralds for example, are very cooling and extremely efficient at removing infections with heat, blue sapphires are cool and analgesic and work wonders with nerve pain, especially sciatica and rubies are hot and energising, which is fabulous for poor circulation and various forms of arthritis. 
So what can healing with gemstones do for you?  Certainly skin ailments, fatigue and depression or back-pain and arthritis can all be relieved within only two to three sessions in most cases.  CB, a 31 year old City banker, had suffered from stress related insomnia for months before a few restful treatments under the gentle glow of sapphires and diamonds quickly put her back to sleep on a regular basis.  CG had suffered from sciatica and debilitating back pain which had kept her off work for a year.  An operation had been prescribed before she decided she had nothing to lose by trying something new and unusual.  Three treatments later she was walking tall and on her way back to the office.
These are just a couple from hundreds of people who have recently benefited from this glamorous but scientific new machine.  Another is a client with a lung disorder and vitiligo (which is supposed to be incurable) all over her chest.  By the end of the treatments, initially for her lungs, the pigmentation of the skin on the chest was changing and areas of white were now becoming pink and significantly decreasing in size.
One of the areas this form of treatment really comes into it’s own with is in treating skin conditions, especially those of small children with eczema and asthma.  With the ever-growing numbers of children on inhalers and steroid creams this type of treatment is a gift from heaven and could save the NHS millions of pounds as well as relieving thousands of youngsters from the misery these two ailments often bring.  Most practitioners have a 90%+ success rate in removing the symptoms of these two conditions. The children really enjoy it too, shining beautiful lights on them is neither invasive nor frightening and rather like being in some beautiful fairy tale dreamland.