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UK travellers dismiss mobile flight rule change as unnecessary

UK travellers dismiss mobile flight rule change as unnecessary

In the week that one UK airline became the first in Europe to allow its passengers to switch on their mobile phones just after their flight lands, a TripAdvisor poll has revealed a lukewarm response to the rule change from UK travellers.

Nearly half (46%) of UK travellers polled dismissed the relaxing of the rules as unnecessary, agreeing that passengers should not need to use their mobiles while still on the plane. A further one in six (15%) admitted the change would not affect them since they had already been ignoring the previous rules, which banned passengers from switching on their devices until they reached the terminal building.

Less than one in ten (8%) polled agreed that the rule change was “great news”.

Just 2% of travellers polled did not carry a mobile phone with them on a flight, while the remaining quarter (26%) agreed that while the new rules are “more convenient” the previous rules had “never bothered me too much”.

“While some airlines may feel this rule change offers clear benefits to passengers, many travellers are less enthusiastic about the difference it will make to their in-flight experience,” commented James Kay, a TripAdvisor spokesperson.