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UK seeks musical collaborators for Expo 2020 Dubai project

UK seeks musical collaborators for Expo 2020 Dubai project

People from around the world, of all ages and from every walk of life, are being invited by the UK to collaborate and contribute to an amazing crowd-sourced piece of music that showcases the sounds of humanity.

The soundscape was conceived as part of the design for the UK Pavilion at Dubai Expo 2020 by Avantgarde.

The group worked lead designer and artist Es Devlin, who has previously partnered with the likes of Beyonce, U2 and Adele.

The composition will be heard by millions of visitors to the UK Pavilion at the expo, a six-month long celebration of resilience, creativity, culture and innovation, opening October 2021.

From singing or playing an instrument, to tapping out simple rhythms, humming or clicking fingers, musical contributions recorded on microphones or mobile phones, in bedrooms, garages or gardens are welcomed from every corner of the globe from people of all ages and abilities .

They will be woven together into a seven-minute long, multichannel tapestry of sound, composed by British sound designers Polyphonia.


The project offers people the chance to showcase their musical talents, have fun producing submissions with family and friends, and continue the tradition of virtual choirs, orchestras and musical sessions that have flourished during Covid-19 lockdowns around the world.

Devlin said: “Expo 2020 Dubai will be visited by many millions from all over the planet.

“The UK Pavilion has been conceived as a meeting point - a place of collective thinking and action.

“At its heart is the Choral Space - illuminated by glowing words donated by visitors.

“We are working with voices from all over the world to create the choral soundscape which will envelop visitors at the heart of the pavilion - and we would love to include your contribution.

“We want to express a full, beautiful range and breadth and diversity of voices, every age, gender, ethnicity. Please add your voice or instrumental to the soundscape of the UK Pavilion at the World Expo.”

Celebrating international collaboration and connectivity, the composition will tell a story that spans the breadth of human history and invention, from ancient choral traditions to global satellite communications.

Seeking voices from Brighton to Bangkok and instruments from bagpipes to sitars, it reflects the diverse melting-pot of global influences and musical genres that have made the UK world-renowned for its creativity.