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UAE Space Agency meets stakeholders across Europe

UAE Space Agency meets stakeholders across Europe Delegates from the UAE Space Agency visit Europe

A high level delegation led by Khalifa Mohammed Al Rumaithi, chairman of the UAE Space Agency board and the agency’s director general, Mohammad Nasser Al Ahbabi, has visited key stakeholders within the space sector in several European countries.

The meetings aimed to strengthen the framework of cooperation and partnership between the UAE Space Agency and important stakeholders across Europe.

The chairman, director general and delegation discussed opportunities of cooperation with various institutions working in the sector, in order to exchange knowledge and experience in space technology and science.

This is in line with the UAE government’s vision to build a solid scientific base for developing the UAE space industry.

A number of in-depth meetings were held starting with a visit to the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.


The delegation outlined the role of the agency and its future goals and aspirations.

They discussed ways for the two parties to cooperate, strengthen bilateral relations, and exchange knowledge in the space sector.

The delegation also met with senior officials from the Italian Space Agency and the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales of France.

Officials from both agencies congratulated the UAE for establishing the UAE Space Agency and the announcement of the Mars probe mission.

The officials praised the UAE Space Agency’s plans as a positive step and displayed a strong desire for further cooperation and joint coordination.

“The gatherings and extended meetings were a success by all measures,” said Rumaithi.

“We examined advanced, pioneering projects and briefed the stakeholders on our future plans for establishing strategic partnerships in aerospace affairs.

“Without a doubt, the results we achieved on this trip will allow all stakeholders the opportunity for feasible joint projects and scientific endeavours.”