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Triposo turns your iPad into a “Smart” personal travel magazine

Triposo turns your iPad into a “Smart” personal travel magazine

Triposo, the intelligent mobile travel guide, announced Version 2.0 of its free mobile app, featuring two major upgrades that make the adventure of travel even more fun. Leading the list of improvements in Version 2.0 is an entirely new iPad interface that turns your iPad into a personal travel magazine filled with features, information and full-color photos all geared to inspire the best experiences a destination has to offer.

Adding to the new iPad app’s value is its ability to change with you as you travel. In the morning the app offers suggestions for a day of sightseeing; in the evening it features restaurants or a nice bar near your hotel. It even takes the weather into account so you’re sure not to spend a day in the park when it’s going to rain. Even more, any time you bookmark an idea on your iPad, the information is transferred to your iPhone or Android device so it’s ready for use when you hit the streets.

“The main difference between an iPad and an iPhone is not the size of the screen, but the way people use the device,” said Douwe Osinga, co-founder of Triposo. “People use their iPad in their hotel room to be inspired for the next day, while they use their smartphone to be inspired while they walk the streets. With our new Version 2.0 apps we try to match that behavior exactly. The iPad is ideal for making up your mind about what to do—and the iPhone and Android apps are there to accompany you, or to help you change your mind, as you wander.”

New Travel Log Feature

Triposo’s second new capability in Version 2.0 is a new Travel Log feature that lets travelers log their trips effortlessly, as they travel, directly from the guide they use throughout their day. With a single tap, users can add pictures they took, or keep track of the places they’ve visited. As with the app itself, it isn’t necessary to connect to the Web to use the Travel Log; everything is stored on the device for publishing to the Triposo Web site the next time the user is online. Important stories can be shared automatically with friends on Facebook as well.


“Travel is about stories, so we help people keep track of them. We give them the easiest possible tools to record their stories, to publish them, and share them,” commented Jon Tirsen, another Triposo co-founder. “For travelers who want to share their stories, Triposo 2.0 is way easier than Facebook or Twitter because it’s part of the app that you use all day when you travel—and because it works offline.”

Over 2.5 Million Downloads

With over 2.5 million downloads to date and more than 8,000 worldwide destinations in its database, Triposo has become an indispensable travel app for people around the world. Powered by proprietary decision technology, Triposo offers intelligent suggestions based on your specific location, your preferences, time of day, opening hours, even the current weather.

Triposo scans the Internet for up-to-date information from all the leading travel sites including World66, Wikitravel, Wikipedia, Open Street Maps, TouristEye, Dmoz, Chafmoz and Flickr. It parses and ranks information for relevancy, then makes intelligent suggestions. Because Triposo knows where you are and even which direction you’re looking, it can offer ideas appropriate to your situation, like where to find a nearby cup of hot chocolate on a cold afternoon.

Triposo 2.0 is now available for free for iPads, iPhones and Android devices. To download the app, visit the Apple App Store, the Android Play Store, or