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Top Italian TV to show Seychelles Islands to millions of viewers

Alain St.Ange confirmed that the popular Italian TV show, Donnavventura, which means “Women in adventure,” was recently in Seychelles with a group of seven to film its new season for next year.

The group of consisted of the chosen female participants of Donnavventura – Alice Russolo, Stefania Donati, Sara Tentorio, Noemi Bruschi, and Veronica Bersani, as well as camera man Davide and producer Maurizio.

They were accompanied to Seychelles by the manager of the Seychelles Tourism Office in Italy, Monette Rose, who also guided them on their visit of the islands together with her marketing executive Bernadette Dogley. The group was touring and filming in the tropical islands of Seychelles for 14 days.

Their Seychelles itinerary took them to the main islands of Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue, including the islands of Curieuse, St. Pierre, Ste. Anne, and Cocos. A series of activities had been planned as part of the Donnavventura ladies’ itinerary, which consisted of driving twin-cab pickups to various locations for the filming and photo shoots, as well as doing presentations on the various aspects of the destination.

Rock climbing and photo shoots at the Constance Ephelia Resort were also part of their program. They had the opportunity to enjoy cruising around the islands on board the Dream Yacht Charter catamaran and to have a bird’s eye view of the islands with Helicopter Seychelles.


Donnavventura’s filming tour of Seychelles is expected to further boost the islands’ profile in Italy.

Before coming to Seychelles, the group was touring the other Indian Ocean islands. After their film visits of Seychelles, they headed to the Middle East for more adventures.

The Donnavventura’s visit of Seychelles had been made a success thanks to the Seychelles Tourism Board, Creole Travel Services, T Club Allamanda Hotel, Ephelia Resort, Sainte Anne Resort, Dream Yacht Charter, Helicopter Seychelles, Mitsubishi Motors, and Cat Cocos.