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The Yas SeaWorld® Research & Rescue Center Launches Inspiring Science Talks Series

The Yas SeaWorld® Research & Rescue Center Launches Inspiring Science Talks Series

The Yas SeaWorld® Research & Rescue Center Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, the first and only integrated research, rescue, rehabilitation, return Center in the region, is delighted to announce that it is officially open to the public.

In addition to opening its doors, the Center is excited to introduce a series of engaging and informative science talks, offering a unique opportunity for the community to delve into the fascinating world of marine sciences and natural history.

Starting from September 21st, the Yas SeaWorld® Research & Rescue Center invites the public to attend a series of enriching science talks organized in collaboration with Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), Emirates Natural History Group (ENHG), Nautica Environmental Associates (NEA) and the Natural History Museum Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Elise Marquis, Director of the Yas SeaWorld® Research & Rescue Center, said: “This Center was developed as a place for discovery, education and conservation. As we open our doors to the public and launch this collaborative science talks series, we aim to ignite a passion for natural sciences and natural history of the Arabian region as well as encourage active participation in environmental conservation efforts in Abu Dhabi and beyond. For the Center, this is a significant step in our mission to foster a deeper understanding of our underwater world and its importance to us and the planet. It is essential that these talks are organized in partnership with key stakeholders in Abu Dhabi, harnessing the wealth of scientific knowledge and networks available, making it an exciting collaboration given the abundance of great minds and natural wonders in the UAE.”

Centered on the topic of corals, the highly attended inaugural science talk included presentations by esteemed experts including Dr. Gerrit Nanninga, marine biologist at the Yas SeaWorld® Research & Rescue Center, who introduced participants to corals and coral reef ecosystems.


He was joined by Hamad Al Jailani, assistant scientist in marine habitats at EAD, who provided insights on the corals of Abu Dhabi. This session was followed by Dr. Trent Haydon, microbiologist and coral biologist at New York University Abu Dhabi (NYU Abu Dhabi), who explored corals and their microbial counterparts.

The event, designed to encourage an open discussion on the future of coral research and conservation, set the stage for a series of science talks that will be held at the facility once a month.

The series of monthly science talks featuring insights from local and international experts is scheduled to continue and will cover a wide variety of topics from shark ecology to cuttlefish breeding to geology and climate change. The events are free to attend, but pre-booking is mandatory. Interested participants can reserve their spot by filling out a form on the Center’s website and presenting a confirmation email upon arrival.

Drawing on SeaWorld’s extensive legacy in marine life conservation, the Yas SeaWorld® Research & Rescue Center brings SeaWorld’s 60 years of experience in marine wildlife rescue operations, marine science research, education and preservation to the UAE and the wider region. In partnership with SeaWorld® Yas Island, Abu Dhabi, the Center conducts educational workshops and lectures to raise awareness about marine sciences and marine wildlife conservation.

Open to the public from September 18th, the facility will host three tours per week on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:30pm to 5:30pm. The tours will be guided by members of the education team and will include in-depth explanations of the facilities and capabilities of the center. To join tours at the Center, pre-booking is essential, with a fee of AED 30 per person.

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