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SWISS Magazine goes digital!

SWISS Magazine goes digital!

The SWISS Magazine is back today in a new digital guise. The new online platform will continue to provide SWISS customers, travel enthusiasts and aviation fans all over the world with inspirational stories, articles and features, some of which will be available offline, too.
The platform’s offering will be further enriched with the content previously carried by the SWISS Blog, the Cargo Blog and World of SWISS, bringing all the stories about SWISS and its world onto a single online site.

Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) is embarking on a new journey today with its SWISS Magazine. After 182 issues, the success story of the publication’s print edition culminated this summer in the special jubilee issue to mark the 20th anniversary of SWISS’s foundation. Now, and with immediate effect, the SWISS Magazine will be available in digital form, to be enjoyed online anywhere and at any time.

The new digital platform carries fascinating stories and features about people, places and cultures, along with intriguing behind-the-scenes insights into the SWISS world. And for their reading pleasure aloft, SWISS travellers can download a selection of such articles onto their personal device before their flight and then enjoy these offline on board. The new SWISS Magazine won’t be a monthly affair, either: readers will find new articles and videos constantly added online.

“I am delighted that, with our new digital SWISS Magazine, we can offer our customers and all our other interested parties a reading product for our times that also taps straight into the format of its much-loved print predecessor,” says Anja Beeler, SWISS’s Head of Strategic Communications & Content Creation. “As well as fascinating written stories, our new platform features exciting videos, too. And we’ll be utilizing all the options of this multimedia approach to present our users with the world of travel, with stories from Switzerland and with background articles about our company.”

Existing platforms such as the SWISS Blog, the Cargo Blog and World of SWISS will be closed, with selected content from these transferred to the new SWISS Magazine platform.


The new SWISS Magazine can be accessed here.