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Skyscanner flight trends May 2010: Top 50 flight destinations

Skyscanner flight trends May 2010: Top 50 flight destinations

May 2010 has been yet another eventful month for the US/Canadian travel sector with continued weather upheavals, with volcanic ash leading to fragmented European airspace closures, together with airline strikes and ongoing civil unrest in Thailand.

Cheap airfare comparison site reveals the Top-50 travel destinations in May.

Data indicates that the top-five destinations remain relatively stable, with flights to London and New York dominating overall search volumes. Paris has moved up two spots to number three; with Las Vegas in fourth and Los Angeles moving up one spot into fifth position.

Top Movers
Istanbul jetted upwards a stunning 13 spots to number 21 as travelers responded to the romantic lure of this exotic city. Russia and Poland continued to draw US visitors to its cities with Warsaw and Moscow both moving up nine places to 32 and 38, respectively.

Denver moved up ten places to position 36, while Dallas climbed nine places to number 35. Vancouver saw a jump of seven places, displacing Mexico City at 42, with some travelers possibly lured by Vancouver’s Bard on the Beach program of outdoor Shakespeare performances throughout the month of June.


Biggest Drops
Taking the most precipitous dive during the month was Seoul, which dropped ten places to number 37, possibly a result of the worsening political situation. Madrid dropped from the top-five destinations to number nine while Barcelona remains in the Top Twenty after dropping four places to number 16.

New Entries
Searches for flights to Europe remained strong, with Brussels and Stockholm making their debut in May’s Top-50.

Drop Outs
After making it into Top 50 last month, Lisbon has dropped out of the list. Scotland loses favor with North Americans, with both Glasgow and Edinburgh dropping off the list this month.

Top 20 Destinations, May 2010
1 London
2 New York
3 Paris
4 Las Vegas
5 Los Angeles
6 Frankfurt
7 Rome
8 Dublin
9 Madrid
10 Chicago
11 San Francisco
12 Manchester
13 Orlando
14 Miami
15 Amsterdam
16 Barcelona
17 Washington
18 Cancun
19 Seattle
20 Boston