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Skyscanner launches new tool for destination marketing organisations

Skyscanner launches new tool for destination marketing organisations

Skyscanner has launched an exclusive new solution within its Travel Insight Vision business intelligence tool aimed at helping destination marketing organisations better understand the latest international travel trends.

The Destination Trends module offers a unique mix of rich historical data and detailed, forward-looking information about inbound travel trends.

More than ever, destination marketing organisations need to be informed in real-time as travellers react to changes in restrictions and border policies, in order to identify opportunities to target potential visitors from new inbound markets at short notice.

The data within the tool can be leveraged to predict demand, evaluate changes to the inbound market mix at a country or city level, including differences in the most popular inbound routes and how these change over time.

For example, following the recent news that the USA was re-opening its borders to travellers in November, UK travellers made up 21 per cent of inbound travel interest, Spanish travellers 6.2 per cent, Italian travellers 5.5 per cent and German travellers 4.3 per cent.


Unlike other data sources which focus solely on historic data, the Skyscanner solution allows tourism organisations to forecast traveller volumes, deploy timely and relevant marketing campaigns to attract specific audiences and ultimately inform recovery strategies.

Michael Docherty, lead for data products at Skyscanner, commented: “As the world begins to re-open and international travel is once again possible, it has never been more important for travel businesses – especially destination marketing organisations - to have access to reliable, trusted data to plan their recovery strategies and capture new or changing inbound demand.

“Traveller behaviour is not going to be the same as it was pre-pandemic, airlines are announcing new routes, travellers are increasingly interested in second cities and this behaviour will continue to evolve as we look ahead to 2022.

“We continue to invest in our data solutions, supporting over 600 partners with their recovery strategies over the past 18 months.

“The new Destination Trends module within Travel Insight Vision is therefore essential for any organisation seeking to understand what the new world of travel looks like in real time.”