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Skyscanner finds flight prices may fall by a third for summer trips

Skyscanner finds flight prices may fall by a third for summer trips

Skyscanner has released a detailed breakdown of the emerging trends for summer 2021 following an uptick in bookings.

The breakdown reveals that in July 66 per cent of holidaymakers are looking to get away for longer than a week, indicating that pent up demand for a summer getaway is a top priority.

Spain is the top destination booked by UK travellers since the announcement was made, with most popular outbound date being August.

Most trips will be a week or less in length, and the top destinations in Spain are Malaga, Palma and Ibiza.

Prices are currently up to 25 per cent lower during summer than in 2020, and up to 11 per cent lower compared to summer 2019.

Greece is another summer 2021 hotspot and most bookings made since the announcement are for trips departing in August.

Average prices are up to 30 per cent lower than in summer 2020, and 11 per cent lower than in 2019.

Most trips to Turkey are being organised for July, with an average of 2.9 passengers per booking indicating most bookings are for families and groups.

Long trips to Turkey are common, with 76 per cent of bookings for trips longer than a week.


Prices are up to 27 per cent lower compared to 2020, and 31 per cent lower than 2019.

The most popular time for holidays to Italy in summer 2021 is July, with an average of 2.2 passengers per booking indicating couples or two friends are looking for an Italian escape.

Portugal retains its popularity with travellers, with family favourite Faro proving most popular in July, with almost half of those booking trips for a week or less.

For holidaymakers looking to bag a deal Portugal could be the best bet with prices up to 34% cheaper than summer 2020, and 23 per cent lower than 2019.

Hugh Aitken vice president, flights, at Skyscanner commented: “Flight prices are historically affected by capacity, demand and seasonality, especially in the run up to peak summer holiday season in Europe.

“After a difficult twelve months for the aviation sector, airlines appear to be balancing capacity with future demand by pricing tickets attractively in order to entice people back to the skies.

“It is good news for UK travellers as our latest analysis shows that average prices on Skyscanner over the summer months are currently up to 31 per cent lower compared to the same period in 2019.”

He added: “Over the coming weeks we expect flight prices to evolve as more clearer paths to recovery are charted out and network planners build in capacity and schedules to allow airlines to fly at scale.

“We may see some price increases as demand returns, however airlines will likely continue to offer good value in order to meet this demand.

“We anticipate that airlines and online travel agencies will continue to offer flexibility with tickets as the market recovers and there remains a degree of uncertainty for those planning travel.

“Those booking now will secure the best prices but ultimately the cost of a ticket will still remain a key piece of the puzzle, along with clear, straightforward and timely information relating to quarantines and pre-departure testing.”