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Seychelles Tourism Board e-newsletter shares its latest destination news

Seychelles Tourism Board e-newsletter shares its latest destination news

The Seychelles Tourism Board has come out with its latest issue of the Seychelles Islands e-Newsletter, enlightening readers across the world on the achievements of the destination and bringing them up to speed on the industry’s product updates in the last month.

Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, said as the newsletter was being launched that communication to the outside world remains a key responsibility of the island’s tourism board. “We are a unique tourism destination and this we know, but we need to ensure that the world also knows all our unique selling points and knows about our island’s beauty,” said Alain St.Ange.

The Seychelles Islands E-newsletter, which is accessible through the Seychelles Travel website at , covers news of the destination on both the local and international fronts.

This issue of the Seychelles’ tourism e-newsletter starts off on the good note of the success of the Seychelles online training in Germany, which so far has had a remarkable number of travel agents going for their Seychelles smart certificate. A total of 948 German travel agents have registered for the training, which allows them to better sell and promote the destination to clients. Already, some 407 of the registered participants have successfully completed their training, while the remaining 631 are yet to finish it.

As the Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius, Madagascar, Reunion, Mayotte, Comoros, and Seychelles continues with their Vanilla Island concept, they provide the latest initiatives they have been undertaking to promote the region collectively.


Transported back to heavenly Seychelles, the article, “Seychelles Islands: Romancing the Stones,” highlights the islands as the ideal destination for romance and wedding, while, also providing useful tips for those wishing to travel there or better yet, to tie the knot in Seychelles.

Next, the launch of the Seychelles Carnival 2011 DVD, which features the vibrancy and colors of the Seychelles “Carnaval International de Victoria,” is offered as the new gift option for friends and families overseas.

This is followed by the Seychelles Tourism Board CEO asserting the importance of the German market for Seychelles in an interview with the editor of Touristik Aktuell, Thomas Riebesehl, in Germany and is another proud announcement that the Chinese market is set on establishing a major record in arrivals this year, having already surpassed its total of 2010.

Moving on to some news of the sky, Helicopter Seychelles is re-establishing its operations after momentarily pairing up with Zil Air, which also has some news of its own following its acquisition of a new air craft, the Italian manufactured Vulcanair P68C.

At another level, the Seychelles Tourism Board has launched its first tourism photo competition on the occasion of Seychelles’ 40th anniversary in tourism. This was a new initiative to get the school kid to think tourism and its marketing.

Meanwhile, prominent South African journalist, Masechaba Lekalake, tells the world of her love for Seychelles.

Other exciting developments on the islands of Seychelles include the re-launching of the Miss Seychelles beauty pageant. Miss Seychelles makes its comeback on the country’s events calendar in July 2012, and the hosting and organization responsibilities of the event have been handed to the island’s Tourism Board.

On the same note, the recently-launched Seychelles Calendar of Events 2012 provides a peek of the various events the Seychelles has in store for next year.

Seychelles will again be in the spotlight as it has been chosen as the host of the first Global Cultural Ambassador Award (GCAA) – a spectacular cultural pageant with male and female participants from different parts of the world, especially China.