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Safety event targets misused level crossing at Rossington, UK

Safety event targets misused level crossing at Rossington, UK

Level crossing users in Rossington, UK are being reminded of the importance of rail safety at an awareness event on Thursday 27 March

The Network Rail safety team and British Transport Police (BTP)will be at the crossing with the mobile safety vehicle (MSV) between 07.30 and midday.

The tem will be distributing leaflets on the correct use of the crossing and there will be the opportunity to look at the technology in the MSV to observe, record and prosecute motorists who do not obey the road signage and place themselves, other road users and the railway in danger.

Liz Reedy, community safety manager for Network Rail said: “Promoting level crossing safety is a vital part of our business. Wherever possible we are looking to close level crossings and provide alternative means of going over or under the railway. However that isn’t always possible so we need to help people keep themselves safe.

“We know that waiting for the crossing barriers to lift can be frustrating but the warning systems are there to keep you safe.”


Inspector Mark Clements from British Transport Police added: “The aim of the day is to reduce the number of incidents at Rossington crossing by making the public more aware of the potential dangers and showing them how to use the crossing safely. We are more interested in preventing accidents and saving lives than enforcement

“BTP takes level crossing misuse very seriously. We regularly work closely with Network Rail to educate people, but despite our best efforts incredibly some people are still putting their lives, and the lives of others, on the line by misusing crossings such as this. This is hugely irresponsible and dangerous and we will not hesitate to take action against anyone caught doing so.”