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Sabre rolls our virtual credit card solution

Sabre rolls our virtual credit card solution

Sabre has announced plans to launch an automated payment system using virtual credit cards for hotel bookings.

Rather than booking clients using cards stored in the customer profile, a virtual credit card is created at the time of booking.

This card is automatically faxed to the hotel to guarantee the reservation.

At check out the virtual card is charged by the hotelier and the payment is automatically made.

Sabre said this new system will increase productivity, accelerate billings and collection, increase security and enhance data management.

The system, which is powered by Conferma, will be implemented in selected cities over the course of this month.

Sabre launches advocacy, education effort to promote competitive travel marketplace
Also, Sabre Travel Network announced the launch of Let the Market Fly, an advocacy and education campaign to promote a transparent, vibrant marketplace for air travel and to broaden understanding of its benefits for airlines, travellers and the agencies that connect them.

The effort comes at a critical time for consumers’ continued ability to quickly and easily comparison shop for air travel. This will be a watershed year for the travel industry, with several critical issues to be decided that could impact how we shop for and buy air travel.

For example, some market participants continue seeking to reduce travellers’ ability to comparison shop. In addition, proposed new taxes on airlines in the United States and other public policy issues abroad could increase costs for consumers and airlines.

As a result, Sabre is significantly expanding its current advocacy and education efforts with Let the Market Fly, anchored by its website, and a variety of events and activities around the world in 2012.

“Travel is the lifeblood that connects nations, people, businesses and drives the global economy,” said Sam Gilliland, chairman and chief executive officer of Sabre Holdings.

“Let the Market Fly will facilitate discussions among everyone with an interest in an open and healthy travel marketplace, from airlines to agencies to corporate travel buyers to everyday travellers.”