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Queensland Rail, $6.5 million to deliver Wi Fi on trains

The announcement follows a successful Wi Fi trial and the government will now spend $6.5 million installing the technology in new trains.

“This has never been done before on trains in Australia so we are again raising the bar when it comes to customer service,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“The trial has been a huge success, the technology has been installed and is now fully operational on the test-train with customers able to sit back and take advantage of the free internet on their journey to and from work.”

“Installation on the first of 64 new trains will begin in October and we’re expecting to have Wi-Fi installed across the entire 160 and 260 series fleet by the end of next year.

“These trains travel across the entire City network, so at any time, anywhere, a train commuter can access the internet for free.


“This is an excellent outcome for Queenslanders and another example of the smart state leading the way.”

Queensland Rail CEO Paul Scurrah said the Wi-Fi trial had allowed the technological bugs to be ironed out to allow a smooth implementation across the fleet.

“It was essential to get everything right in the trial to avoid costly and time-consuming issues when the technology was installed more broadly,” Mr Scurrah said.

“This project isn’t only about free internet for our customers, but it also increases our security capacity by allowing live streaming from our CCTV cameras on board the Wi-Fi trains.

“I am proud to say Queensland Rail is able to offer its customers with more than just a way of getting from A to B by improving the overall experience when they travel with us.”

The Wi-Fi trial started late last year on one train which travelled across the City network.

The trial included tests of 3G coverage capability of internet and CCTV live streaming. There was an average of 228 weekly users on the test train, with more than 5000 in total during the trial.

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