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Bombardier shaping future of mobility with Industry-Leading Rail Solutions

Bombardier shaping future of mobility with Industry-Leading Rail Solutions

Under the theme “Shaping the Future of Mobility”, Bombardier Transportation showcases at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) EXPO 2011 in New Orleans two of its most recent innovations in the field of urban mobility: the BOMBARDIER FLEXITY Freedom Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) designed for the North American market, and the BOMBARDIER PrimoveCity e-mobility solution.

“We are demonstrating, once again, at APTA EXPO our technological innovations and rail solutions that redefine the future of urban transportation in North America,” said André Navarri, President and Chief Operating Officer, Bombardier Transportation, on the opening day of the event. “As the industry’s innovation leader, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of future-oriented, city-focused solutions. These smart solutions help cities breathe, create lasting economic growth, and take citizens where they need to go in comfort and style,” he added.

Ride the Winds of Change with theBOMBARDIER FLEXITY Freedom LRV
At APTA EXPO 2011, Bombardier Transportation launches its highly energy-efficient new FLEXITY Freedom LRV platform for North America. The FLEXITY Freedom LRV combines proven elements and innovations of Bombardier’s successful FLEXITY modular tram platform, which make it the vehicle of choice for future developments in urban transport.

“Attendees to the exhibition will have the opportunity to visit and be guided through this innovative product and to experience the advantages of the low-floor, modular design for urban and suburban applications. We will demonstrate how the most efficient LRV solution can help shape growing cities. Sit down and imagine yourself riding the winds of change,” said Raymond Bachant, President, Bombardier Transportation, North America.

With the FLEXITY platform, Bombardier was the first in the industry to combine 100% low-floor technology with conventional axle wheel-set bogies. The low-floor entrance is combined with an active leveling system to ease boarding and exiting. Its entirely step-less interior facilitates easy access to all passengers and provides enhanced accessibility for wheelchairs and strollers.


The FLEXITY Freedom LRV also features an improved and extra-wide carbody concept, better corrosion protection, an improved cab structure, an enhanced air-conditioning system, a unique driver’s cab configuration and the second generation of BOMBARDIER MITRAC traction equipment. In addition, it also showcases exchangeable front modules and a flexible interior design with unprecedented possibilities for customization.

Bombardier Transportation has more than 3,500 trams and light rail vehicles operating or on order in around 100 cities in more than 20 countries.

The Game-Changer PrimoveCity e-mobility Solution
As an option, the FLEXITY Freedom LRV can also be equipped with the new BOMBARDIER PRIMOVE technology, a groundbreaking e-mobility solution that provides a unique answer to today’s challenge of sustainable urban mobility. The solution promises to reshape transportation by providing wireless and contactless emission-free mobility for all electric rail and road vehicles including cars, buses, trams and trucks.

Jeremie Desjardins, head of the PrimoveCity program, Bombardier Transportation, stated: “After successfully concluding the initial tests on LRVs and buses, Bombardier is now testing the application of PRIMOVE technology on cars as well, aiming to make this available for commercial operation shortly. We are proud to have reached this stage.”

Mass transit networks can now benefit from all the advantages of e-powered mobility, without experiencing the range and recharging constraints usually associated with electric charging. Emissions and noise are minimized, allowing the city to breathe. Catenaries and wires are eliminated, leaving the urban landscape intact. The result: quieter, cleaner and overall more attractive cities.

Based on inductive power transfer, PRIMOVE technology uses wireless transmission of energy between components buried under the road or track surface and components installed unobtrusively under the vehicles. Vehicles are powered regardless of whether they are in motion or at rest, without affecting driving habits or journey times. Reliable performance is ensured, even under adverse weather and ground conditions such as snow, rain, ice, sand or water.

The PrimoveCity solution is one of the highlights of the innovative BOMBARDIER ECO4 portfolio of products and technologies, which offer energy and cost efficient solutions for total performance.


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