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PLAY, WORK, LIVE! Workcation in BUSAN

The newly coined word ”workation” (work + vacation) refers to working and enjoying downtime at a destination away from home and is a trend that is being adopted by more and more remote workers. Many employers are also using the workation trend as a strategy to increase the productivity and overall wellbeing of their employees. Countries around the world are following the trend, attracting workationers by issuing “digital nomad” visas or enacting other support measures.

The MICE city of Busan is riding the workation wave by promoting the uniquely Busan workation experience to both domestic and international visitors. Busan, with its diverse range of sights, tourist and leisure activities, and work and meeting environments (not to mention its ample selection of luxury hotels) offers workationers the perfect blend of business and leisure.

Busan, the Ideal Summer Workation Spot
The Busan Metropolitan Government is actively promoting the Busan workation experience to professionals who are seeking some time away from home to strike that illusive balance between work and rest. Visitors that spend at least five nights in Busan can also receive additional lodging, workspace, and tourism benefits in regions of Korea outside of Busan.
Busan is filled with an array of workation spaces that provide professionals with the right environment to focus on their work. Main and satellite workation bases can be found throughout Busan’s five districts, including Dong-gu, Yeongdo-gu, and Geumjeong-gu, so that workationers can have their pick of workstations and plan their other activities around their work. One main workation base is located on the top floor of Asti Hotel, overlooking all of Busan, and is equipped with private spaces for working alone as well as larger spaces for working with others and holding virtual or in-person meetings, ensuring optimal focus and productivity.

Busan is home to many famous attractions that you can enjoy as soon as you’re done with work. Out of all of Busan’s seven beaches, Haeundae and Gwangalli are two of the most popular ones, offering a wide variety of marine leisure activities and sports and cultural events, such as outdoor performances. Daedaepo Beach, in West Busan, is famous for its beautiful sunsets and marine sports, including the extreme leisure sport of kiteboarding. The Busan Beach Festival takes place in Busan every summer. This year, Haeundae and Dadaepo beaches will once again host the festival which is expected to be packed with performances and various cultural events.

Busan is home to several five-star hotels, making it the perfect spot for workationers looking for luxury lodging. Park Hyatt Busan and SIGNIEL BUSAN, located in Haeundae, and Ananti Hilton Busan, located in Gijang, all boast beautiful ocean views and the soothing sound of waves breaking against rocks.

Workations are all about recovering physically and mentally. If you’re looking to get out of the office for a while, head to one of Busan’s workation spots, where you can get some work done, enjoy the great outdoors and thrilling activities, and, most importantly, relax.

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