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New leadership for Oman Air

New leadership for Oman Air

Oman Air has announced the appointment of Rashid Al Ghailani as its chief officer, human resources.

Al Ghailani takes up his post with immediate effect and reports to Oman Air chief executive, Wayne Pearce.

Oman Air works to a robust series of human resources policies and Al Ghailani will focus on implementing the company’s strategies to sustain a healthy and transparent work environment, putting in place the necessary professional resources to achieve the company’s aims and working closely with the ministry of manpower to increase the employment of Omani nationals.

Pearce welcomed Dr Al Ghailani, and said: “We are pleased to welcome Rashid Al Ghailani to Oman Air, where his extensive experience of corporate human resources management will play an important part in helping Oman Air to fulfill its responsibilities as an effective and responsible employer.

“As the national airline of Oman, Oman Air is proud that around two thirds of our workforce comprises Omani nationals and, with Al Ghailani’s vital input, we look forward to increasing that figure significantly.”

Rashid Al Ghailani gained a bachelor’s degree in political sciences from Denver University, in the United States, before being awarded a masters degree and a PhD in management by Hull University in the UK.

He has extensive experience in the fields of management, corporate governance, communications and HR systems, gained in a career which saw him serve as a diplomat working in three capitals, before moving to the ministry of civil services, where he held several managerial posts.