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National Agreement on tourism achieves progress of 85%

National Agreement on tourism achieves progress of 85%

Mexico Secretary of Tourism Gloria Guevara Manzo said that the National Agreement on Tourism has achieved progress of 85 percent towards the actions committed to by the federal government. She explained that the agreement is one of the main achievements of this administration, aligning the efforts and objectives of players throughout the sector towards strengthening this important industry, which represents nine percent of Mexico’s GDP and generates more than 2.5 million jobs.

Secretary Guevara said that the administration of President Felipe Calderon created the foundation for the development of tourism in Mexico, allowing the industry to overcome major challenges such as the global economic crisis, the outbreak of H1N1 influenza, and security challenges.

She acknowledged the commitment of industry stakeholders, noting that due to their coordinated efforts during 2011, Mexico reached a record-breaking number of tourists, with over 191.5 million domestic and international travelers.

Secretary Guevara noted that by the end of this year, over 200 million domestic and international tourists will visit Mexico, exceeding last year’s record-breaking figure.

She said that through the coordinated efforts of players throughout the tourism industry, hotel occupancy has registered 18 months of continuous growth, according to the Datatur System, which tracks 70 major tourist destinations in Mexico.


Secretary Guevara said that these hotel occupancy figures exceed those of 2008, considered the best year for the tourism industry in Mexico and worldwide. She noted that several successful tourism initiatives have been developed which have led to an increase in visitors, such as the 10 Routes of Mexico, the Mayan World program, and the 18 Gastronomic Routes.

Mexico has also strengthened the Magic Towns program, which includes 66 communities recognized for their distinctive architecture, traditions, crafts and cuisine. She announced that prior to the conclusion of this administration, new nominations will be presented for the Magic Towns program, which diversifies and complements Mexico’s tourist offering.

Accompanied by Luis Alfonso Lugo Platt, Subsecretary of Tourism Operations; Jorge Mezher Rage, Subsecretary of Tourism Planning; Luis Vives, Subsecretary of Innovation and Quality; Rodolfo Lopez-Negrete, Chief Operating Officer of the Mexico Tourism Board; and Adalberto Fuguemann, Director of Tourism Services of Fonatur, Secretary Guevara noted that tourism is a priority on the national agenda.

Subsecretary Luis Vives said that for the federal government, the National Agreement on Tourism is a priority, noting that federal entities achieved progress of 83 percent, while the legislature reported progress of 72 percent.

Secretary Guevara said that after strong successes, Mexico continues to have great potential for tourism development, to the benefit of Mexican families that depend on this important industry.