Breaking Travel News sees rise in visitors with new terminal at Malaga Airport sees rise in visitors with new terminal at Malaga Airport the online travel guide for Marbella, has reported receiving a noticeable increase in the number of visitors to this sunny part of Spain since the new terminal at Malaga airport opened in April this year.

The site which is currently aimed at English speaking visitors is already one of the leading online travel guides for visitors to Marbella from Great Britain, but has now also seen a rise in visitors from America as well, as a result of the additional daily direct flight which now arrives at Malaga Airport’s new terminal. Apart from having more new destinations arriving at Malaga Airport, the amount of European flights has increased as well, bringing Marbella around 10,000 more visitors each month.

The airport has seized on the opportunity, realising its importance to the local tourist industry and has left no stone unturned with its recent revamp. Of particular benefit to the area is the recently approved direct train connection from Malaga to Marbella, which will be constructed soon and is a change the hospitality industry has welcomed with open arms.

However, it is not only which has noticed the change in the number of visitors to Andalucía’s sun kissed coast. The Marbella hotel and restaurant industry has also welcomed the increase in tourists this Easter after a somewhat gloomy winter. While the Marbella weather during the winter months is usually sunny, with blue skies and an average temperature of 15/20 degrees, this winter it has seen more rain than it has in the past 10 years and this has greatly affected the local hospitality industry.

The new terminal and the return of the regular sunny climate have therefore been a fantastic boon for the Marbella restaurants and hotels and they have responded with the organisation of many additional events, activities.


According to owner, Lee Collins, “The number of Marbella events we are currently uploading is enormous, and proves that the economy in Spain is picking up again. The opening of the new terminal in Malaga airport has most certainly made a positive change to the economic climate of Marbella.

“We now have a resident photographer for our site, to ensure that all events are attended by ourselves and so that our visitors can then download the images from the web site, which has proved to be a great success”.

For the past 2 years has developed into one of the leading online travel guides for Marbella, offering information about restaurants, hotels, leisure, events and much more in and around Marbella. The interactive site lets visitors leave honest reviews about the places they have visited or hotels they have stayed in, and is used by both tourists and locals alike. With so many activities organized, especially in the summer months, it is easy to get confused with what’s on when, and where. enables visitors to plan their stay in Marbella from arrival to departure, booking restaurants, hotels and flights as well as scheduling events they would like to see, even before they arrive at their destination.