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Motel One welcomes new property in Lübeck, Germany

Motel One welcomes new property in Lübeck, Germany

Motel One is opening its first hotel in Lübeck.

The property is situated on the market square, close to the city’s landmarks, including St Mary’s Church, St Petri Church, the town hall, the Buddenbrook House and the Holsten Gate.

Taking “Hanseatic merchant town” as its design theme, the hotel has been built in the mediaeval heart of Old Lübeck.

With its numerous cultural monuments, the city has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1987.

The design by local architect Helmut Riemann is a modern interpretation of a traditional Lübeck gabled house – a look that has also inspired the interior design.


The new building blends in seamlessly with the historic merchants’ district around the town hall square.

“There are plenty of places of interest in Lübeck.

“Our new hotel is situated right on the market square and our guests can easily explore the city on foot,” said Dieter Müller, chief executive and founder of the Motel One Group.

“We are delighted that our new Motel One Lübeck blends in perfectly with the local red brick Gothic buildings and their rich history.”

The budget design hotel group’s new hotel is reminiscent of a merchant’s house.

Motel One has once again put its established design concept into practice here – local inspiration combined with great attention to detail and top-quality materials.

The design team focused on the historic themes of the Hanseatic city: transport, goods storage, the salt warehouse and trade, as well as the lives of the wealthy merchants.

The lounge area is decorated with custom-made model ships made from real wood and representing the old Hanseatic cogs, while a classic Chesterfield couch in front of teal-coloured wood panelling is reminiscent of a fine parlour.

In the 122 bedrooms, guests will find more individual and homely touches alongside the usual high-quality Motel One furnishings.

Pictures of ships printed on wood hang on the walls and provide a reminder of Lübeck’s Hanseatic trading history.