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Los Cabos Debuts Professional Athlete Diana Flores as Its First-Ever Destination Brand Ambassador

Los Cabos Debuts Professional Athlete Diana Flores as Its First-Ever Destination Brand Ambassador

Los Cabos Tourism Board announced Diana Flores, the Captain and Quarterback of Mexico’s World Champion Women’s National Flag Football Team, as the first-ever Brand Ambassador for Los Cabos.

Marking the beginning of a new era for Los Cabos, this partnership comes as the next phase in the destination’s Wellness Champions campaign – an initiative to reinvent itself as a holistic wellness-forward destination and Mexico’s top destination for luxury wellness travel. 

As a global traveler, professional athlete, and NFL and IFAF Global Flag Football Ambassador, Diana understands that wellness is a way of life. Through this partnership, Diana will share with the world how she finds wellness in Los Cabos to achieve a mind-body-soul balance like nowhere else. Diana will participate in high-visibility events, new campaign assets and advertisements, and an expansive social media-first strategy on a global scale.

“Being born and raised in Mexico, it is an honor to represent my home country as the first-ever brand ambassador for a destination I hold so close to my heart,” said Diana Flores, Los Cabos’ new Brand Ambassador. “As a professional athlete, I am passionate about wellness; self-care and making sure that I take care of my physical and mental health. In Los Cabos, I am able to do all of that. It’s a special place that can help anyone who visits achieve overall wellness.”

The Wellness Champions campaign comes to life by focusing on the personal fulfillment and overall wellness that is only possible in Los Cabos. With offerings for everyone from spa, gastronomy, adventure, sustainability, culture, community and hospitality, wellness in Los Cabos can be anything you make it. Los Cabos is a place that inspires freedom, being yourself and exploration by connecting to everything and everyone around you.


“Los Cabos has always been a destination rooted in wellness and Diana Flores’ blend of accomplishments and dedication to her culture and wellbeing is the perfect partner to help us expand upon our foundation,” said Rodrigo Esponda, Managing Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board. “As we strengthen our focus on wellness in Los Cabos, businesses across the destination are committed to showcasing their unique aspect of wellness into their offering while continuing to provide visitors the personalized and high-standard experience Los Cabos is known for.”

U.S. visitors have been increasingly seeking opportunities for unique and luxury wellness opportunities. According to a recent visitor survey conducted by Los Cabos, 18% of all visitors to the destination reported interest in a wellness experience, such as spa, yoga or similar activities. These wellness-minded visitors have additionally increased their spending in the destination to an average of $3,000 per trip as they explore more of Los Cabos’ wellness offerings.

Los Cabos has been a long-standing pioneer in luxury travel, personalized service and unique travel experiences, bringing in new and returning visitors year after year. With over 3.5 million visitors in 2022 – a historic growth in visitation – and an estimated 4 million visitors in 2023, Los Cabos has consolidated its international position as a preferred travel destination for U.S. travelers.

About Diana Flores
Diana Flores is the Captain and Quarterback of Mexico’s World Champion Women’s National Flag Football Team and was named the “Most Valuable Player” (MVP) at the 2022 World Games. In addition, Diana is the Flag Football Global Ambassador for the NFL and the International Federation of American Football (IFAF). Diana achieved international fame when she starred in the Emmy Award-Winning NFL Super Bowl LVII commercial, “Run with It” and in the Spring of 2023, Diana made history becoming the first EVER Flag football player to have artifacts in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Diana is committed to her goal of getting Flag to be recognized as an Olympic sport in the year 2028.