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Jávri Lodge to reopen in December following renovations

Jávri Lodge to reopen in December following renovations

Jávri Lodge is to reopen on December 1st.

The lodge is currently undergoing an extensive renovation which will increase guests’ comfort to new levels.

The renovation will include five new suites, a cosy lounge where guests can enjoy a drink, a brand new sauna and a newly built glass viewing dining area commanding uninterrupted views of the surrounds.

The adults-only boutique lodge caters for just 26 guests and was once the retreat of Finland’s longest-serving president, Urho Kekkonen.

A special place for Kekkonen’s personal and political life, the lodge welcomed politicians and world leaders who were indulged with luxurious hospitality under the guidance of the president.


The legacy continues, with Jávri Lodge offering the same dedicated, personalised service as in its presidential beginnings.

Delivering luxurious accommodation, untouched nature, local delicacies and great Nordic outdoors lifestyle, Jávri Lodge is renowned as the premier hideaway in the region.

The four new suites will be on a newly constructed second floor, meaning they’ll have an uninterrupted view out onto the snowscape surrounding Jávri Lodge.

Floor to ceiling windows will enable guests to gaze at the stars and have the chance of viewing the Northern Lights during the Arctic winter. 

Elsewhere, the new sauna will be the ideal place for guests to warm up after a day of wintry activities.

Jávri Lodge represents the whole wellness experience, with guests able to enjoy two different types of sauna, a refreshing indoor pool and relaxing massage treatments.

Following the renovation, Jávri Lodge will also open year-round, enabling guests to enjoy summer’s bright white nights as well as the snowy surrounds of winter.

In summer, guests will be able to enjoy activities including hiking, berry and mushroom picking, cultural tours and king crab fishing.