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Japan Airlines to boost frequency on Moscow routes as part of service overhaul

Japan Airlines to boost frequency on Moscow routes as part of service overhaul

JAL Group has announced its flight frequency and fleet plans on both international and domestic routes for the year ending March 2017.

In regards to the airline’s international network, JAL will continue to expand the availability of aircraft featuring well-received JAL SKY SUITE configured aircraft, under the theme of raising the notches one class above all cabin services.

Additionally, the airline will be introducing Premium Economy service on more international routes in order to further deliver enhanced convenience and comfort to customers.

Furthermore, JAL will increase flight frequency from three to four round-trip flights weekly between Tokyo (Narita) and Moscow (Domodedovo) between March 27th and June 30th, 2016, and increase to five round-trip flights weekly from July 1st to October 29th, 2016, to meet an increase in travel demand during those periods.

In regards to the airline’s domestic network, JAL will adjust its flight frequency plan on select Japan-domestic routes to meet seasonal demand primarily to and from Tokyo (Haneda), and the airline will continue to expand its JAL SKY NEXT service onto more domestic routes, under the theme of Pioneering Standard.


Additionally, New jet fleet of Embraer 190 with Class J service will be introduced on Osaka (Itami)-Kagoshima route operated by J-Air Corporation (J AIR), the JAL Group’s 100 per cent owned regional airline subsidiary, and will serve on more routes of J AIR progressively, to increase the customers’ comfort on its Itami hub.

In addition, JAL will maintain the operation of two daily flights between Haneda and Yamagata following the approval from the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

About the other regional networks, the JAL Group will retain the seasonal operations on the related routes, and maintain the same capacity as it in the current year.

Additionally, the serving fleet on select routes will be changed from propeller-driven aircraft to regional jets.

On its remote island network in the Okinawa region, the JAL Group will introduce the Bombardier DHC-8-400 cargo combi aircraft, which has 2.5 times more space in the cargo compartment than that in the current aircraft.

This new aircraft will serve on the scheduled routes to meet the increasing demand of passengers and cargo, and contribute to regional tourism promotion and industrial development.

The JAL Group will continue to embrace new challenges to improve its network and enhance the quality of products and services to provide customers with more travel convenience and comfort.