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InterRail Passes – 40 Years on Track

InterRail Passes – 40 Years on Track

Utrecht, the Netherlands – acknowledged as the ticket to “fun, freedom and adventure” by travelers across Europe, the InterRail Pass has been enabling unlimited train travel for 40 years.

To celebrate this milestone the Eurail Group G.I.E., released the third edition of “Europe by InterRail” which contains a special compilation of InterRail itineraries written by three train enthusiasts especially for InterRail
pass holders. InterRail Pass sales have also helped fund the mobility of underprivileged youths for nineteen years and the Eurail Group will continue to support disadvantaged youths in the future. Additionally, the participating Railway Companies will engage in different activities throughout the year to further promote the 40th anniversary of InterRail.

The concept of “InterRailing” was first introduced on the 1st March, 1972, originally enabling students and backpackers under the age of 21 to explore the European continent. It was a unique experience not to
be missed by young adults and opened the borders to 20 European countries. What started as a temporary initiative to coincide with the 50 years’ jubilee of the UIC (International Union of Railways), was so well received that InterRail Passes have been on the market ever since.

The current InterRail Global Pass is valid in 30 European countries, offering more freedom then ever before. Over the years, the InterRail Pass has evolved into a product available “for all ages” because the notion of travelling with a single pass continues to offer a certain charm and fascination to all age groups. InterRail Passes are currently designed to attract customers from all walks of life (students, backpackers, families, business travelers and adults), and beckons to anyone with a spirit of adventure. Germany, France and Italy are the ‘Top Three’ visited InterRail countries, followed by Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden & Denmark.

In 2011 more than 248,000 passengers travelled with an InterRail Pass; 78.9% were youths under the age of 26, 17.4% were adults and children, and 3.7% were seniors.


“Whilst InterRail has long been associated with youths, its clearly evolved into a product for everyone. Travel by rail is romantic, offering a sense of freedom and independence not associated with any other form of transport, and it’s this aspect which we hope will continue to appeal to a broad target group for the next 40 years,” enthused Eurail Group’s Marketing Director Ana Dias e Seixas.