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Eurail brings range of new products to market for 2015

Eurail brings range of new products to market for 2015

Eurail is setting the stage for travellers this year by introducing a variety of new products to its Eurail Pass portfolio.

Travelling with a Eurail Pass is now even more exciting with new destinations to explore, the Children Travel Free initiative, the first-class Youth Pass, the Five in Ten Days Global Pass and the Attica Pass - a One Country Pass designed with Greek island hopping in mind.

Four new countries join Eurail’s Global Pass offer this year.

The additions of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Poland and Serbia bring the total to 28 countries that can be explored with the rail pass.

The border connections created by this expansion add even more possibilities to the already vast itinerary options.


For example, travellers can ride down the east Adriatic coast from Croatia to Montenegro, or stop in Poland on their way from Prague to Berlin.

With the launch of the new Children Travel Free initiative, Eurail backs its belief that trains provide the best mode of transportation for a family bonding adventure through Europe.

Children aged four to 11 can ride for free with a family member or friend who is travelling on an Adult Eurail Pass.

Up to two children per adult can travel free.

Traveling with children or friends in the 12-to-25 age group has become easier with the introduction of the first-class Youth Pass.

This pass was previously only available in second class.

The first-class Youth Pass is now for sale at a 20 per cent discount from the adult cost, so everyone can enjoy the journey together in first-class comfort.

Besides the addition of new countries to the Global Pass product, Eurail has added a new pass category as well.

Catering to the fact that not all travellers have an abundance of vacation days to explore 28 countries, the Five in Ten Days Global Pass option gives customers five travel days anywhere within a ten-day span to visit non-bordering countries of their choice.

Another way Eurail is giving customers more options is with the Attica Pass, a new One Country Pass to the Greek islands by ferry.

With two international trips, customers can use Italy as a jumping-off point.

It offers six ferry crossings within one month (the two international trips between Italy and Greece and four domestic trips for island hopping), and takes care of travellers with a rail/bus transfer from the international port of Patras to the domestic port of Piraeus.