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ICTP announces SW Associates in Washington DC has joined alliance

ICTP announces SW Associates in Washington DC has joined alliance

The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) announced today that SW Associates, based in Washington, DC, USA, has joined its alliance. SW Associates, partners, and affiliates have managed and participated in tourism and related development programs and projects around the world.

Scott Wayne, President of SW Associates, said: “We are pleased to join the International Council of Tourism Partners. We are an international tourism development consulting practice focused on sustainable development through tourism. SW Associates has worked on tourism development opportunities, issues, and challenges on every continent and continually strives to contribute to well-managed, ecologically- and culturally-sensitive tourism.

Mr. Wayne, a former UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and World Travel&Tourism Council (WTTC) official, noted: “ICTP’s commitment to quality in all aspects of destination management and development, as well as its emphasis on ‘green growth,’ is very much in line with our focus on sustainability. Solutions come from sharing information and benefiting from the development experiences of destinations around the world. ICTP offers a great platform for accomplishing this. We look forward to contributing to and benefiting from the alliance.”

The Chairman of ICTP, Juergen T. Steinmetz, said: “SW Associates has provided destination development for a number of emerging tourist destinations. Currently, Scott is working with our ICTP academy member, Rwanda, and we are so pleased to have Scott and his expertise joining ICTP. We invite private stakeholders in ICTP member regions, or doing business to further tourism in ICTP member regions, to join our alliance. We’re gratified that SW Associates is taking this important step and applaud the company for its commitment to green growth for the destinations it has projects in.”