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ICC Jerusalem plans large expansion to meet growing demand

ICC Jerusalem plans large expansion to meet growing demand

ICC Jerusalem is about to begin a series of renovations designed to add thousands of square meters to its floor space.

A huge complex, with a congress hotel, trading centre and local businesses will be built next to the existing structure, as part of Jerusalem Municipality’s new Business Quarter plan.

Mira Altman, chief executive of ICC Jerusalem, has been leading the project for the last five years, together with a team of leading experts.

“As the first congress centre in Israel and the most experienced, with long years’ tradition, we benefit from the professional reputation and the great experience that this place has gathered,” she said. 

“Nevertheless, we make a constant effort to look into the future and adjust to the changing environment around us.

“The new program is based on hard work, including researches, surveys and meetings with different figures from the global tourism market, which – combined together – helped in creating a clear picture of this market’s current and future needs and demands.

“Naturally, we also considered the local aspects of Jerusalem and its unique characteristics.”

ICC Jerusalem is Israel’s largest convention centre.

It is located at the entrance of Jerusalem, and hosts about 400-500 local and international events every year, with more than 400,000 participants and guests.

The centre is currently built over an area of 31,000 square meters, and includes 27 conference halls and exhibition areas, of different sizes. 

The new program includes the construction and extension of brand new and modern convention centre, which will spread over 56,000 square feet.