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Michael Ben-Baruch appointed as Director of Israel’s UK Ministry of Tourism

Michael Ben-Baruch appointed as Director of Israel’s UK Ministry of Tourism

The Israel Government Tourism Office (IGTO) is pleased to announce that Michael Ben-Baruch has been appointed the new Director of Israel’s Ministry of Tourism in London. Hailing from the south of Israel, he brings a wealth of experience across a range of industries and will oversee all activity at the UK and Ireland Tourism Office.
A law graduate, Michael began his career as Event Manager at the modern cultural venue in Beer Sheva, where he was responsible for the planning and execution of national and international shows. In 2014, after three successful years at the company, Michael turned his focus to Law, where he was able to lean on his legal background to excel as a Senior Prosecutor’s assistant. After shining in his new profession, Michael was recruited by a private Law Firm between 2015 and 2020 before ultimately joining the Israeli government excellence program - “cadets for civil service.”

Michael, a current member of the Israel Tourism office, now makes the move to the London office after two impressive years serving as an International Department Project Manager. In his two years with the Ministry, he has played a significant role in several international projects and has been involved in planning exciting marketing and public relations activities.

Speaking on his new role, Michael said, “I am proud to have been appointed UK Director at Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, and I am excited to start working with my new colleagues and peers where together we will do our best to help increase exposure for our wonderful country in the UK market.”


The Ministry would like to thank Sharon Ehrlich Bershadsky, former UK and Ireland Director who over six years led significant milestones and fostered valuable partnerships, despite the challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic and other turbulent times. During this time, Sharon adds: “We have persevered, adapted, and continued to showcase the beauty and allure of Israel.”

The IGTO is excited to see what the future holds for Sharon as she settles in to her next professional chapter, and embraces new opportunities in the travel sector.