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Hurtigruten unveils Antarctic cruises for 2018

Hurtigruten unveils Antarctic cruises for 2018 The itineraries will be launched in 2018

For the 2018 season, Hurtigruten has expanded its Antarctica operation to a total of three expedition ships, spearheaded by the new hybrid vessel “Roald Amundsen.”

As leaders in adventure travel in the waters surrounding the Antarctic continent, the Norwegian company continues to highlight the importance of balancing growth in adventure tourism with environmental concerns. 

Hurtigruten chief executive, Daniel Skjeldam, commented: “All operators must commit to the highest environmental standards in order to relieve the strains on the nature and wildlife of these pristine areas.

“Hurtigruten will lead by example, offering responsible, unique and meaningful adventures based on our more than 120 years of experience.”

By adding to their offer of responsible Antarctica experiences, Hurtigruten consolidates their position as the world’s largest, most innovative and experienced provider of expedition sailing.

Hurtigruten will offer tailored experiences that extend from exploratory sailings with “Midnatsol”, to nature-immersive expedition sailings for the limited number of guests that “Fram” carries.


The new hybrid ship under construction, “Roald Amundsen”, will combine the breath-taking fjords of Chile, the Falkland Islands and Antarctica. 

All Hurtigruten’s Antarctica expeditions departing from South-America offer optional on-land experiences such as the Manuel Antonio National Park (Costa Rica), Machu Picchu (Peru), biking excursion through Santiago de Chile, the Atacama Desert, Patagonia and the Iguazu Falls (Argentina). 

The new Hurtigruten programme also includes a large number of new itineraries and destinations – ranging from exotic jungles to frozen landscapes.

“A Hurtigruten voyage is all about rich and meaningful experiences, taking our guests to destinations only we can sail to.

“We will take our passengers on unique experiences that no other operator can provide, with access to UNESCO World Heritage Sites on almost all itineraries,” said Skjeldam. 

Expedition vessel “Fram” will lead expedition sailings in the Caribbean Sea and along the Atlantic coast of the US.

The expedition destinations are spread across eight countries along the coast of Central-America and includes landings at ports; San Blas Islands, Fort San Lorenzo, Boscas del Toro, Puerto Limón, Corn Islands, Isla de Providencia, Cayos Cochinos and Lighthouse Reef.

For the eastern coast of the US, Hurtigruten’s itineraries will include landings in cities such as New York and Boston.