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Guaranteed Snow and Value for Money – That’s Skiing in Sweden!

Guaranteed Snow and Value for Money – That’s Skiing in Sweden!

Sweden is a hidden gem, for those looking for a snow-sure destination, that is a close and budget-friendly alternative for thrill-seeking skiers and families alike. And as the Swedish Krona stands resiliently low it offers an economic advantage for all those ski-lovers looking to hit the slopes this winter.
Winter break is around the corner, and many are longing to carve their way down white mountain slopes, enjoy crisp walks and cuddle up by the fire. And while some European ski resorts are struggling with snow security, Swedish resorts have invested in increased capacity and improved accessibility in recent years. Sweden has more than 100 ski destinations and the vast majority are family-friendly providing all a family could wish for – even those looking to enjoy activities other than skiing, such as dog sled rides, ice fishing or just taking a walk along the cross-country ski tracks!

Recent comparisons have revealed that Sweden is a great value-for-money alternative to other classic ski destinations in Europe. When ADAC* compared current lift pass prices** in various countries, the cost ranges from 50-90 euros a day. In comparison, Swedish ski resorts offer lift passes ranging from 35-54 euros/day.

For example the Swedish ski resort of Lofsdalen offers ski passes for 35 euros a day. In Branäs, Kläppen, Sälen, Idre, Tänndalen, Vemdalen and Ramundberget, all popular winter destinations for families, the cost is around 50 euros. Even in Åre, Swedens largest winter sports destination, ski passes start at around 54 Euros in the low season, increasing to no more than 57 euros in high season.

So, if you are still looking for great value alternatives for family-friendly skiing, off-piste adventures, or quieter slopes to escape the crowds, then that´s skiing in Sweden!

Top tips and inside info for your next ski trip to Sweden


Powder snow and “Värmestugor”
Anyone who has skied in Sweden knows that Sweden offers wonderful powder snow. The climate here tends to be drier resulting in soft, dry snow and even though temperatures might drop well below zero it is comfortable thanks to the lack of humidity. If you need to warm yourself, visit the “värmestugor” (Warm Huts) found across Sweden´s slopes. These small huts offer somewhere to enjoy a hot chocolate or even grill a hotdog over the fire, between runs.

Lots of green and blue slopes
Skiers of all levels are kept happy with the ´rounded peaks´ of the glaciated Scandinavian Highlands providing plenty of green and blue runs. This is ideal for families and beginners, with many slopes ending in the resort´s central square, so nobody gets lost.

Keep an eye out for “Dagens rätt”
Most Swedes eat a hot lunch at noon instead of eating out at night. Look out for ´Dagens Rätt´. This is the hot meal of the day and consists of a main course, bread and/or knäckebröd, coffee, tea or water and sometimes a salad buffet. It is an affordable way to enjoy a tasty lunch.

Almost everywhere you have ski-in and ski-out
Ski-in and ski-out are very common in Sweden. Store skis in the special lockers at the cottage/hotel and there is often a “torkskåp”(drying cabinet) provided where clothing can be dried for the next day´s adventure.

Illuminated pistes
In winter it´s dark by late afternoon, and of course, this shouldn´t stop the fun so the Swedes found a solution. Most slopes are lit in the evening so you can ski till late evening and almost all ski resorts is Sweden also have lit cross-country ski trails. And those who are flying down the slopes in the far north might even enjoy the captivating Northern Lights. In the resorts of Dundret, Riksgränsen and Björkliden, all located in Swedish Lapland, this special light show is particularly frequent during the winter.

Where to Go
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